Baseball and I am going to miss Derek Jeter

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I have always said if I had to trade lives with one person, any person, alive today I would trade lives with Derek Jeter.  Jeter in my mind is the best all around shortstop in the history of the game.  He is the most famous athlete on the most famous team in the most famous city and has done it with style.  You have never heard of Jeter getting in trouble.  You never heard of a team mate having problems with him.  Hell, you never even heard any of his super model ex girlfriends come out and say anything bad about him.  In today’s world of 24-7 media and camera phones for there to not be one bad thing you can say about him not only makes him a great man but a smart one too.

I am going to miss having Jeter around so will the game of baseball.  I believe that Major League Baseball is at it’s best when the Yankees are great.  People either love them or hate them but they care about them.  If the Reds ever make another World Series I hope they play the Yankees just so it will feel like a real World Series.  When Jeter hangs them up he will be the last of the great Yankees in this most resent run and that team will just not feel the same.  Baseball will just not seem as big when you don’t have to beat the boys in the pinstripes to be the best.

Gatorade made a grate commercial that sums up #2 and the love affair he and the Big Apple have for each other.

With so much negative news engulfing us this week I thought we should lighten things up.  Let’s make fun of the gold standard (cough cough) of morality and maturity.


Recently Antonio Blakeney decommitted from Rick and the Louisville Cards.  Blakeney is the real deal and for a second seemed that UofL had stolen one and was headed to a top five recruiting class.  How does Rick respond?  By making his minion,


Jody Demling, send out a tweet that is less mature than 12 year old slumber party.

Take a look.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 6.08.33 PM


Really Rick, you quit him?  Looks to be he quit you first.  What is next?  Jody will be bringing us other breaking news about, Pete Rose is going to cut his ties to MLB.  It was Jameis Winston’s idea to sit out the first half this Saturday or maybe he will break the story about Caroline Wozniacki decide ding that she doesn’t want to marry Rory McIlroy.

Colts Self Destruct, Lose Way and Game

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The Indianapolis Colts blew a 14 point second half lead to the frantic Philadelphia Eagles Monday night. The Colts fall to 0-2 and all of a sudden are in a must win game in week 3 against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. What went wrong? Let me count the ways:

Andrew Luck is not playing like himself. It could be the magic gone, or the unsustainable record of winning close games is just correcting itself. Either way there were several possessions that were flat out painful to watch. There’s no rhythm, no big play capability, no urgency, crispness, timing, or purpose. I think it is possible Luck may have an injury he and the Colts are mum about. Luck, never one to be laserly accurate, is now regularly errant on his throws. He has taken so many shots over the first two weeks, in addition to the pummeling over his first two years, he very easily could have nagging or more severe injuries to a shoulder, elbow, or knee that is impacting his mojo. I still would take him over 90% of the rest of the QBs in the league. See RGIII.

The pass rush is abysmal. Bjoern Werner is a bit of a joke. He is slow, unpowerful, and his no moves. There aren’t even any flashes that he could be good down the road. Horrible miss by Grigson. The tackles although big, are plodding. There were no interior defenders that laid a hand on Nick Foles all night. Not good.


LaRon Landry is worthless in today’s NFL. Even his specialty of being a hard hitting enforcer type is of no use if you whiff or miss on so many tackles. It was said when he was signed to his lucrative free agent contract, but it was and is a puzzling investment.

The game planning and in game strategery is poor to very poor. The three and outs, no downfield throws, prevent style calls on third and longs that resulted in Eagle conversion were all hard to stomach. Apparently, coach Pagano still has a pass from all criticism of him.


There seem to be so many weapons, but no one is making any plays. Reggie Wayne, Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener, T.Y. Hilton, Hakim Nicks all underperformed.

Ahmad Bradshaw ran hard, but plays with the same reckless abandon that caused Bob Sanders to hang it up after repeated injuries.

Trent Richardson graded on his curve played okay sans the two fumbles. He just has a ceiling that still has not allowed him to earn even one 100 yard rushing game.

Put all the above together and it’s tough loss. This is where I thought the Colts would be after two weeks, but it does not make it any easier to accept. All is not lost unless of course a turnover ridden game and a few bad bounces keep the Jags in it. If the Colts are in a dog fight, they may not have the confidence in themselves to go out and win a game late in the contest. After all, just as the angry GM always said, past is prologue. If that’s true, lookout Colts, it’s going to be a long and humbling year.


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If by Capital you mean underachieving with a delusional fan base and D-Bag coach then yes, Bloomington is the Capital of college basketball.

Week 2 Colts-Eagles

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The Colts head into their home opener in another primetime performance against the high flying 1-0 Philadelphia Eagles. Before looking at this matchup, a few observations on last week’s game against the Broncos.

-The interior line looks exactly the same as last year. No running game and Andrew Luck felt pressure early and often right up the middle. Great job there Grigson!

-The Colts have been outscored 38-10, 21-7, and 24-0 to start the last three games. Does any game planning go on during the week? It seems only after the Colts are behind hugely do they begin to execute offensively. The coaching has to improve. This is more than Pep Hamilton’s problem. Chuck Pagano deserves some of this blame as well for his teams to all too often come out and lay eggs.

-Bjoern Werner is no poor man’s Chad Bratzke. He looks slow, awkward, and could not get off his block. It is too early to call him a bust, but improvement has to be seen from him over the next several games or again, Grigson will take heat.


-Coby Fleener is not worthy of the high draft pick used on him. He is a head case, afraid to get hit and nervous that he will drop it. Another bad move by the GM.

-LaRon Landry stinks! His whiff on press coverage at the goal line was disgraceful. He really needs to either be in the box or on the bench.

-Andrew Luck is a total beast whom I think will wind up being the best player in the NFL since Peyton Manning. His toughness and grit and just will to win transcends the box score. He could stand to play better. He passing needs to be more accurate. The goal line sneak play that got stuffed was his call and was abysmal. There are just too many mistakes when there is so much pressure on him to play extremely well for the Colts to win.

The game against the Eagles could be a track meet. The Eagles started down 17-0 to the lowly Jags before waking up to finish on a 34-0 tear. The Chip Kelley offense runs so quickly that the newly beefed up Colt defenders will have a tough time changing up the rotations. It could be a disaster for the Colts defense.

On offense the Colts will need some ball possession to rest the defense. It can happen, but it won’t be with the Trent Richardson led rushing attack. The Colts will likely play better at home, but the Colts will still struggle and I see another loss.

It will be panic time in Naptown, but the Colts still could manage to win the South at 9-7 or even 8-8.

Wake up! It’s time for FOOTBALL!!!

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So I picked a good week to not post on the site right?  I mean it’s not like there was much going on.  Well if you live in a cave let me get you caught up.  We started the week having to watch Ray Rice being, well Ray Rice.  Roger Goodell lied, covered up and lied some more.  Danny Ferry might not be as smart as everyone in Duke land wants to believe he is.  Another white owner had some theories why Atlanta is a bad sports town and Kareem came to his aid.  Yep typical week.  Oh wait, if you drafted AP with the first overall pick in your fantasy draft you might want to pick up Matt Asiata.  OK, I think that’s it.

Let’s get to something that doesn’t make me want to pull out my hair.  COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!

This week’s match-ups are not as good as what last week gave us but you know the saying.  Football is like pizza, even when its bad its good.

Let me give you a few things to keep your eyes on today.

Georgia @ South Carolina


Georgia is trying to get over the hump in the SEC East and the Gamecocks are trying to not see the OBC go into total meltdown mode.  I have a feeling I will be pulling for the Bulldogs today so we can see what Spurrier has to say afterward.

Kentucky @ Florida


Is this the year the Cats go into the swamp and beat the Gators.  Why not?  I mean they have to win down there some time, right?  It has only been since 1979 since the last UK win in The Swamp.  As much as I want to believe they have a chance something tells me I will have to wait a little longer.

Purdue @ Notre Dame (well kinda they are in Indy)


This could be ugly.  I mean real ugly.  Purdue might be the worst D1 team in the country.  If ND is for real as many, including myself, think they are this could…




GameDay makes it’s trip to the Fargo Dome today for the North Dakota St. Incarnate Word FCS match up.  You must tune if you get a chance.  The crew in Fargo will for sure bring the best signs of the year.


Colts Season and Week1 Preview

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After a nearly nine month hiatus, and with the 2014 season upon us, this blogger has finally gotten off the schneid (and his arse) and decided to publish his thoughts on this year’s version of the Colts.  I also will provide my take on the Week 1 unfortunately one sided matchup against Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos.

To remind the tens of readers out there, I am not like Colts bloggers Brad Wells or Josh Wilson.  I keep things out of the weeds and high level.  My observations and based on my cynical and often negative outlook.  I am not a hater, but you may accuse me of being one.  I have just been burned too many times by this team, and the other professional major sports franchise in this town, to have not been scarred.  (See the 2005 Playoff Loss to the Steelers (thank you Nick Harper’s wife and Vander-idiot), the Hank Baskett Super Bowl, in 2009, and the 1995 Playoff loss again against the Steelers where Lamott Warren, Quinten Coryatt or Aaron Bailey could have won the game.  Not to mention Kordell Stewart running out of the back of the endzone and back in it to catch a touchdown during the two year period the instant replay was not used in the NFL.  No one ever talks about that, especially the jerky Steelers fans.) 

My motto is to expect to have your heart ripped up, my defense mechanism  to cope with this is to always think your team is going to lose.  To think they will win sets up a jinx, and as my dear Friend Matt says, ‘The power of the jinx is stronger than the power of the sword.’  Also, predicting victory sets yourself up for a let down.  Most of my predictions admittedly are losses, but it makes the victories that much sweeter.  This is neurotic I realize, but hey, if you want to listen to a homer, turn on Jersey Johnny pal!

Without further adieu my simplified take on the Colts.

It really begins and ends with #12.  In the current state of the NFL with quick attack pass plays, no contact of the offensive player, no hitting a defenseless player, (which really is anyone who has his hands stretched out to receive a ball), having a top notch quarterback is of paramount importance.  An excellent QB can, as we have seen with the Colts former pillar at the position, can compensate for:

  • A Leaky Line
  • A Non-Existent Running Game
  • An Awful Defense
  • Terrible Field Position
  • Poor Coaching

  • A Lack of Depth
  • Injuries
  • Bad Draft Classes

  • Free Agent Busts
  • Suspensions

The current Colts may suffer from all these maladies, yet most talking heads, not that their opinions matter much, have the Colts winning the AFC South (that’s about as impressive as a Democrat winning an election in Chicago), and possibly playing for all the marbles in Super Bowl XLIX. 

Sure, if any help is providing in any other area it lifts the burden on the quarterback, but it is gravy not an absolute must.  If Andrew Luck continues his growth, gets rid of the ball, is accurate, the Colts will be in the mix come January.  If he flattens out his production, gets dinged, or is careless with the ball, this team has danger of being .500 or worse. 

There really is no group, sans the receivers/TEs, that is exceptional.  Most are middle or back of the pack from a talent and production standpoint.  Think about it.  Both lines, the linebackers, running backs, are not terribly skilled or deep.  The secondary has a few pieces, but is a mess at safety with little or no ability to cover.  They will be good at being injured and getting 15 yard penalties.

Therefore, it is all on Luck.  Get it done sir.  If he has MVP type of production,  (keep in mind his full value is not always reflected in his stats) the Colts could win 12 games and make it to the AFC conference title game.  If he is only good or very good, the team will be 7-9. 

Party Supplies – “Same As It Ever Was” (Talking Heads Cover)

Colts vs. Broncos

This is a mismatch.  Just like the New England game in the Playoffs last year, I do not see this one being close.  Manning will want to punish the Colts as much as he wanted to punish the Ravens in the 2013 opener after losing in the playoffs in the prior season.  His stats in that one: 7 TDs and 462 yards with a 141.1 rating.  Robert Mathis will be missed mightily.  Peyton will do what he wants exploiting mismatches when LaRon Laundry is covering his TEs.  Then, the Broncos will run roughshod over the yet again porous Colts rushing defense.  Look for Denver to put up 50 points.   

Offensively, the Colts will stumble.  They will again try to run some 3rd and 1’s with two TEs and a fullback and get stuffed.  They are not the juggernaut that Manning’s offenses are.  They won’t be able to convert third downs at a high level.  There will be some missed throws, and there will be a constant stream of pressure. Unless Luck does something miraculous, 55-13 Broncos.