Izzo set the bar high, will Crean answer?

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Tom Izzo has always tried to one up himself when it comes to his entrances to the Spartans Midnight Madness.  Last night he might have topped them all.


Tonight the Hoosiers take the court for the first time in front of the Indiana faithful.  It will be interesting to see what they have in store.  Enjoy!

OK, as many of us are still stewing over last weekend’s action it is time to turn the page and look forward to the prize at the end of the season.

Let’s take a look at the teams that still have a chance to make the inaugural college football playoff.


Ole Miss – Like their sister team in Mississippi the Rebels are one of three teams that could afford a loss and still make the Final 4.

Key games remaining – Auburn, Mississippi St., SEC Championship

Mississippi St. – See above but the major difference is their big games remaining are all road games.

Key games remaining – @ Alabama, @ Ole Miss, SEC Championship

Florida St. – Now unlike the two SEC schools above that could definitely lose again and survive I am not so sure if the same is true for the Criminoles.  This team plays no one minus a potential matchup in the ACC Championship game versus a one loss Duke team that could be looking for revenge.  If Winston continues to be Winston, and you know he will, I could see this team get beat against a team like Louisville or Miami and fall out of the top 4.  It might be the only time I root for Louisville.

Key games remaining – ACC Championship


Georgia – This one loss Bulldogs team has been forgotten with all the great teams in the SEC West.  If Georgia runs the table and beats the champ from the West then they will make the Final 4.  I just don’t see happening though.

Key games remaining – Auburn, SEC Championship

Alabama – Role Tide could win out, not have to play in the SEC Championship game and still be in perfect position to make the playoff.

Key games remaining – Mississippi St., Auburn, SEC Championship

Auburn – See Alabama but the remaining schedule is much tougher and like the Tide any remaining loss will have them on the outside looking in.

Key games remaining – Ole Miss, Georgia, Alabama, SEC Championship

Notre Dame – The loss to FSU might sting but will not hurt the Irish come playoff time.  ND has one of the toughest schedules this year but will not have to worry about a potential conference championship game.  With all the games the teams above all play against each other if the Irish win out they will be in.

Key games remaining – @ Arizona St.


This next group will need to win out but going to need some things happen above them.

Michigan St. – Sparty has the best chance of this group.  They need to hope that only one SEC school gets in to increase their chances.

Key games remaining – Ohio St., BIG10 Championship

Ohio St. – This team is on a roll and if they are able to go beat Michigan St. on the road they will be right there in the discussion.

Key games remaining – @ Michigan St., @Minnesota, BIG10 Championship

Kansas St. – Don’t look now but Coach Snyder has his team in the hunt again and you know the committee would love to put the old guy in the Final 4.

Key games remaining – @ TCU, @ Baylor, Big12 Championship

Oregon – Why do I get the feeling that this team might get passed over since they have never been able to win a big game?

Key games remaining – PAC 12 Championship


Baylor – Out of all the teams left on this list they might have the best shot of sneaking in but the Bears are going to have to show they can play defense before the committee takes them seriously.

Key games remaining – Kansas St., Big 12 Championship

Arizona St. – You know that the committee is going to love to put the PAC 12 champion in the Final 4 and the Sun Devils might just be the last team standing.  A win against Notre Dame could give this team the boost they need.

Key games remaining – Notre Dame, @ Arizona, PAC 12 Championship

Arizona – Just the fact they play in the second toughest conference in the country puts them in this group and not the one below.  I would love to see Rich Rod sneak in and give a big double bird to the crew up in Michigan.

Key games remaining – Arizona St., PAC 12 Championship


Duke – The Blue Devils have to hope FSU just rolls through their remaining schedule and is able to do something no one else has done in two years.

Key games remaining – ACC Championship

TCUI don’t see it happening but horny toads are pretty cool.

Key games remaining – Kansas St., Big 12 Championship

Marshall – Everyone has always wanted the little guy to have a voice and this Marshall team is the only small school that has that shot this year.  An undefeated season and a Heisman candidate QB will help them come year end.

Key games remaining – None

Minnesota – I know, I know, but what if I told you the following happens.

  • Ole Miss and Miss St. lose twice
  • Georgia loses to Florida but wins the SEC
  • Ohio St. beats Michigan St. and the Gophers are able to beat the Suckeyes
  • The reaming teams lose a game

The Gophers are in the Final 4.

Key games remaining – Ohio St., BIG10 Championship



Who is the most hated (non-criminal) in sports?

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I have a question for everyone out there.  A question that I can not find a answer for and I need your help.

Is there anyone in this world that has not committed a crime that is universally hated as much as Lane Kiffin?

Most of the time the people we can’t stand in sports are at least loved and defended by their own fans.  When it comes to Lane Kiffin the only person that seems to like this guy is his bimbo wife.

He is so universally hated in the state of Tennessee that he is being used in political attack adds.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.00.31 PM

Tosh.0 has recently made fun of this guy.


Usually people that are this disliked have either raped, murdered, abused animals or raped kids.  But who am I kidding, Ray Rice, Aaron Hernandez, Mike Vick and the Penn St. coaching staff still have fans.  While this guy seems to be on an island all by himself.  I guess he still gets to cash those checks and wake up to this.


And from the number of kids they have I guess she is still giving it up.  The only thing I can think of is this guy made a deal with the devil.  You will be given every dream job in football and the hottest wife you can dream of but you will be hated more than the word moist and ebola.

I’m still not over it

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I still feel like someone kicked my dog after this football weekend.



I might be ready to look forward come tomorrow.

This week is one of those weeks that I dream about.  One of those weeks that the moons and stars align to set up one of those perfect college football days.  I am a rare bird, one that loves Saturday college football more than Sunday NFL.  A bird that loves Kentucky football but grew up with Catholic friends and learned to love Notre Dame at an early age also.  So when this Saturday’s TV schedule was released I started to get that tingle a kid gets when he sees there is a 100% chance for snow on Christmas.  Catholics vs. Criminoles and the Cats in Death Valley, both primetime games under the lights.  As my friend Danny would say to start wedding receptions, LET’S GET IT ON!

Let’s start with the Cats because as excited as I am about the game to me it is a win win as long as they keep it close and compete.  This is a team that I thought was a year away.  Mark Stoops has come in and changed the culture, recruited like no one ever in the Commonwealth and made believers out of a state of basketball fans.  Now I did think the Cats would go 7-5 this year but I sure didn’t think they would be 5-1 and have a long but realistic shot of winning the SEC East this year.  There is every reason to think that Kentucky is going to travel down to the bayou and take one on the chin but when these two teams meet crazy things happen.  Good and bad so you just never know what to expect.

The LSU Bluegrass Miracle


The best UK football win of my lifetime against #1 LSU


If Kentucky is able to go down to LSU and pull off another upset for the ages then they will set up a battle of two SEC leaders.  Kentucky in the East and the #1 team in the West and the nation in Mississippi State.  There is a rumor floating around that if Kentucky does win Saturday night that College Gameday will make a trip to Lexington next weekend.  Wow.  Just think about that one.  If someone would have told me there was even discussions at ESPN about bringing Gameday to Kentucky for the Miss St. game I would have told you to have another.  Well let me stop right there and not get ahead of myself and just enjoy this one.


Now to what should be the game of the year for the Irish.  


Let me set the scene for the last time I was as hyped up for a ND vs. FSU match-up.  The year was 1993.  Notre Dame was #2 in the polls while Florida St. was #1.  Rudy had just been released in theaters. (I cried in the theater watching it)  FSU had a Heisman trophy quarterback in Charlie Ward.  College Gameday took its first ever campus visit to cover the “Game of the Century”.  Eight guys plus myself climbed into an RV that Friday afternoon and took the pilgrimage to South Bend to partake in a weekend of football and debauchery that none of us will ever forget.  (I’m so glad that was an age before phones with cameras and social media)  One of the guys went to Walmart and bought a TV so we could watch the game from the tailgate lot only to box that thing up and return it after the game.  He would yell at anyone that came within 10 feet of the box fearful someone would jump on it and crush it.  I might have jumped off the top of the top of the RV, twice for no reason at all.  I remember waking up and crawling out of the RV at daybreak Saturday morning.  There was a mist in the air and the campus was still asleep for the most part.  There was an RV not to far away from us that was full of FSU fans that had made the trip up from Florida.  Within the first 10 minutes of their RV pulling up the night before we had stolen the Florida St. flag flying high atop the vehicle and I might have worn it around like a cape to taunt them so I don’t think they were big fans of ours to begin with but that morning we took all doubt out of play.  Again the RV lot had a calm before the storm feel to it.  The sun was burning off the morning fog and you could smell the brewing coffee over the stale beer from the night before.  One the back windows of the FSU RV had the saying “Stew the Irish” soaped along with some other saying.  One of the older gentlemen from their camp was also up and making coffee when my friend that sleeps with his eyes open (true story, I thought he was dead) came stumbling out of our RV to see the guy and noticed what was was written on the back window.  So he did what any Irish fan would have done that had just stopped drinking a couple hours early, he yelled about as loud as one could yell at that time of the morning, Stew you, you old F*CK!  Needless to say the old guy made a wise choice and went back into his RV.  Now I tell you that story because well it’s a great story and because it was the last time I was this excited looking forward toward a regular season Notre Dame game.

Now I know the Irish played for a National Title two years ago but I never thought during that year they truly had a chance to beat Alabama or any other them they might meet in the title game.  This year though, this team could beat anyone out there and would have a legitimate shot to win it all if they get into the four team playoff.  If the Irish can win Saturday they will control their own destiny and will be favored in all of their remaining games down the stretch.

To get you ready for the game here is a look back at that wonderful day in ’93.

First the full NBC intro


The full game


I don’t know if either one of my teams will be able to go on the road and pull out victories but it is weekends like this one that makes college football so much better than the NFL.  I just need to make sure the refrigerator is full, the favorite sweatshirt is clean and I prepare the family for what might happen go down if the Cats and Irish pull off the daily double.  Sweet Jesus, it could be a wild night.

Best get Larry O’Brien to the clinic

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After this groping by Lady Gaga someone needs to call Pitino to see if one of his assistants can drive the trophy to a clinic to get checked out. The trophy hasn’t just been with Gaga but with everything that gay has been with. Scary.
You would have thought Larry O’Brien would have learned it’s lesson after this evening.

It took months to clear that up. A wise man once told me that gonorrhea is nothing to clap about.

Random thoughts for your rainy Thursday

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  • Did anyone else notice that the NHL season started last night?  If it wasn’t for Twitter I would have had no idea.  I do like hockey but there is no way I will tune in and watch until the made for TV winter classic.  Hockey in person though is great and if you ever get a chance to catch a game do so.  The last NHL game I went to I saw the Gretzky led King’s play the Blues in St. Louis and the highlight of the evening was when they brought out Spuds MacKenzie on the Zamboni.  Shut it, it was the 80’s and we were crazy for that kind of thing.


  • Speaking of crazy…


You’re right Amanda, so smart indeed.  Stick to what you know and take your top off.

  • Am I the only one that is already sick of all the pink the NFL is cramming down our throats like they really give a care about women?  There is part of me that is hoping the Bengals season takes a nosedive just so I can stop watching.
  • BTW, Colts fans.  Let me know how you love these Thursday night games when we all wake up to the weekly injury report.  Clayton Kershaw had more rest in between starts and we all saw how that worked out.
  • So when is Notre Dame going to stop dragging their feet on this investigation?  How long does it take to investigate this and either punish or clear these kids?  The longer it takes the more it looks like the school is covering something up whether they are or not.
  • Am I the only one that thinks that we should refer to Paul George as NC-17 instead of PG-13.  Seems a tad more appropriate to me.  If you disagree just type in Paul George stripper next time you are on the ole Google machine.
  • In a move that caught everyone here in Indy by surprise.  The Indy Star named Gregg Doyle their new sports columnist.  I love reading Gregg and if you have a brain you will too.  He is the only person in sports that thinks Dan Dakich and John Calipari are great men.  Should be fun but I still don’t think it will be enough to actually make me buy a paper.
  • Am I the only one that hopes the new NBA TV deal and all that cash brings a strike that wipes out a season or two?  Just saying.

Alright, I feel better getting that off my chest.  Enjoy your day, it’s almost Friday!