I really think Georgetown missed a chance to truly make a point. David Allen should have worn a shirt that read I Can.

Since posting we have gotten some other suggested t-shirts for Mr. Allen.  (by the way, I have had a couple people ask which one is David Allen.  No really)

  • I Can’t Jump
  • I Can’t Play
  • I Can’t Dunk

Keep them coming.


Louisville fans never stop amazing me

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So Indiana’s Twitter feed tweeted out this picture of IU freshman, Rob Johnson.

When I first saw this I thought the guy in the front row holding his hands up like a 3 year old does when someone asks how big they are was a very excited IU fan. For some reason I voomed in to reveal something different.

What the hell? This guy isn’t an IU fan excited about another 3 points, this jackass is part of the #BirdGang trying to play defense. Really? Maybe I am being to harsh and he is just excited to see players that can actually make outside shots.
I know I should never be surprised by things Louisville fans do but they just keep coming up with ways that make me shake my head.

Happy Birthday to the Chairman of the Board

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Today one of the coolest men to ever walk the earth would have turned 99. Happy birthday to a Frank Sinatra.


Get well soon wishes go out to Alex Poythress

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Tough news for a great kid and player.  Get well soon Alex so we can see more of this.



So it looks like the Lollypop Guild not only is still a thing but has the power to make Marvin Lewis do something Bengal fans have wanted him to do for years now.  APOLOGIZE!

As we all know by now Marvin was on the radio last night and referred to Johnny Manziel as a midget.  Well little people took to the streets and demanded justice.  BDS was able to capture photos of some of the protests in and around the Cincinnati area.



They wanted 3 ounces of flesh and boy did they get it.  Here was the response from Bengal offices today from Marvin Lewis.


While many of us in WhoDey Nation felt that Marvin should have been apologizing years ago for is game management decisions, everyone is at least happy to know that an apology is possible after today.

BDS could only find one person that was in support of coach Lewis.  ESPN’s Lee Corso.

Who wants to play some IU vs UofL Bingo?

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To give everyone another reason to tune into tonight’s Indiana – Louisville game let’s play some BINGO!


To cover a square there just has to be a mention or image of the item.

  • Candy Stripe Pants
  • Rick is a Hall of Famer
  • Tom Crean clapping (some will happen a lot)
  • Tom Jurich
  • Cody Zeller
  • Kentucky
  • Denny Crum
  • Indiana’s 5 titles
  • Coconut water
  • The ’76 Hoosiers
  • Richard Pitino
  • The IU Cheerleaders with the flags
  • Cardinal mascot
  • The Harbaugh brothers
  • IU’s recent run-ins with the law
  • Crean drinking from his Dasani bottle
  • Louisville’s 3 titles
  • Bob Knight
  • Purdue
  • Russ Smith
  • Fred Glass
  • L’s Up
  • Coach on the Hot Seat
  • The Cardinal Mask