So much of our world today wants to focus on the negative parts of our lives.  So much of our daily lives from the news, social media and the negative influences that we all face daily want nothing more than suppress the good and thrive on the negative.  Well not tonight!!!  We have so much to celebrate so let us dance!



#1 Valerie Rockey has made us believe that we all can make our dreams come true

Photo from @ValerieRockey Twitter account

Photo from @ValerieRockey Twitter account

#2 Life without football is almost over


#3 If Indiana and Kentucky will not play basketball the fans and parents will not let the rivalry die




#4 Did I mention football is back!


#5 FXX is bringing us Every Simpsons Ever

If you have not been watching the Simpsons marathon then you have missed out!

It was the great George Costanza who once said, “It is not a lie, if you believe it.”

Well Bruce Feldman has been throwing out a lot of “stats” with no substance about Notre Dame’s “academic” troubles. The latest was his “fuzzy math” that he was getting from his so called “sources”. He stated that Notre Dame is no different than any other school when it comes to academics. He goes on and states that Texas and Alabama has more “academic support staff” than Notre Dame. Bruce must of googled his numbers and told himself….”see, the numbers don’t lie!” Well Bruce, you didn’t lie, but you were comparing apples to oranges. Mr. Feldman is confusing “academic support” with “athletic academic support”. Yes, Texas has 20 “academic support staff”, and  Alabama has 12 “academic support staff” compared to Notre Dame’s 3. The difference is that the academic support at Texas and Alabama are part of the athletic department. In other words, “Saban’s Minions.” The job, at these football factories, of the “academic support staff” is to keep the players academically eligible…by any means necessary. Coach Kelly doesn’t have the last say when it comes to academic issues. Yes, he might have a “seat at the table” but it is one seat at a big table. Notre Dame has plenty of help that they offer their athletes, but they are true “academic support” not “keep me eligible” support.


Mr. Feldman also got me all hot and bothered when he started to talk about the 4 players that were “dismissed”. Oh by the way Mr. Feldman, they haven’t been dismissed. They are still on the roster(for now) and are going to class. Bruce stated, ” losing KeiVarea Russell would destroy Notre Dame’s chances with having a decent season because he was the only “athlete” in the Irish defense of backfield.” Bruce, Notre Dame had one of the deepest secondaries in Irish history. Yes, Russell is their best cornerback, but they still have CB Cody Riggs(transfer who started 26 games for Florida), CB-Cole Luke(4 star), CB-Nick Watkins(4 star), CB-Devin Butler, Safety-Max Redfield(5 star), S-Elijah Shumate(4 star), S-Austin Collinsworth, S-Eilar Hardy(4 star), and S-Drue Tranquill.


So maybe the Irish went from an A+ to a B+ with the loss of Russell, but who’s to say he won’t be back by game 2 or 3? This just goes to show me …again…that fans know their teams better than blow hard talking heads. Notre Dame’s problems are with their depth on their front 7, not with their secondary. Notre Dame’s other problem is with their public relations department, but that is a topic for another day.


Reds Season: Hoovered!

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  The Cincinnati Reds are currently sitting at 63-68.  That is 9.5 games out of first in the N.L. Central.  I know you can’t solely attribute a crappy record to one player, but I’m going to nominate J.J. Hoover for just that honor.


  Many will say the Reds have had a ton of injuries……true.  They may also say that the Reds aren’t scoring enough runs to support their pitchers……also, true.  However, I have seen the Reds starting pitchers leave many a game in the hands of one J.J. Hoover.  If you’ve watched, then you know the outcomes of those games.  I think it is time to spit out a few facts.


  1.)  Hoover has entered 10 games when the Reds have the lead.  His record this year is 1-10.  This also includes 4 for 4 on blown saves.

  2.)  Hoover’s overall ERA is 5.27 and WHIP is 1.46.  They are not the worst in the league by far, but wait….there’s more.  His ERA in late/close games is 9.20.  This is not to be topped by his ERA with runners in scoring position at a whopping 15.80.

  3.)  Forty percent of the runners he inherits….you guessed it…..they find home plate.  This you must remember isn’t even adding to his ERA.  He’s just friendly enough to hike up the ERA’s of the pitchers in front of him.

  4.)  Last but not least, he’s only entered 6 games on zero days rest.  Therefore, you can’t blame all the piss-poor showings on a tired arm.


   I think I speak on behalf of all Reds fans when I ask Manager Price to quit this project.  I know an ex-pitching coach wants to give the benefit of the doubt to a pitcher.  In this case, though, it just leaves me with doubt about the manager.  I know that a lineup with Brandon and Joey healthy makes a difference.  I just think a bullpen without Hoover might be just as good for the team.

My go to fireside songs

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We have had a lot of music talk on BDS here lately and in the past.  Plenty of guilty pleasures like Conway Twitty and Bread but I’m not sure I have ever put out my favorite songs.  You know the good ones that everyone should have in their iPods.  Well here are five that you should have holstered for those nights by the fire.

Otis Redding – Sitting on the dock of the bay


Van Morrison  – Into the Mystic


The Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers


The Beatles – Let it be


The Beach Boys – Sloop John B


As we all know by now Trey Lyles backed out of his commitment with the Indiana Hoosiers and decided to take his talents to Lexington.

Some of you also know that his Dad, T.Lyles, is a silky smooth R&B recording artist.


And has given us gems like these.

Mind Ur Own Damn Bizz 

4the Sex of it


I know, very classy for sure.  Now I don’t think T.Lyles has been putting out many hits lately but he has had the time to put out a single about the Kentucky basketball program and it’s Big Blue Nation.  There are many songs out there about everyones favorite team but this one has a little something extra. See if you can hear the direct shot that T.Lyles took at Indiana coach, Tom Crean.  Something tells me that T.Lyles didn’t like what went down between Crean and his son and of course I found it very amusing.



Now I can’t be the only one that wants Crean to make his own record and fire back at T.Lyles.  I mean if Indiana and Kentucky are not going to meet on the court then what could be better than a rap feud?  I am picturing something that could be as big as LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee.  OK, that might be too old school, how about Tupac versus Biggie minus the shootings of course.




Time To Pick A Champion

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We are down to the final 2 bands in the BDS Bracket Challenge and we have the the bands you probably thought would end up here.  Probably the 2 most influential/important bands in the history of rock music.  I think The Beatles are the most important band in the history of modern music but The Rolling Stones are the greatest “rock” band I have ever listened to or seen live.  I don’t think you can go wrong with either band but you can only chose one.

The Rolling Stones made the greatest album of all time with “Exile on Main Street” and when you add “Sticky Fingers”, “Let it Bleed”, “Beggars Banquet”, “Some Girls”, and “Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out” to the mix they really are tough to beat.  Those albums are great enough to make me forgive Mick Jagger for his shitty solo albums.

Meanwhile The Beatles put together a 10 year run that will never be seen again in our lifetimes and changed the face of music with albums such as “Revolver”, “Abbey Road”, “The Beatles”(White Album),  “Rubber Soul”, and “Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”.  So with all of that said good luck with your pick.


Check out a couple bands that have been influenced by each of these bands.


The Black Crowes-Jumpin” Jack Flash



Oasis- I am the Walrus





There is a time of year that many sports fans dislike more than any other, the dog days of summer.  This is the time that our favorite baseball teams are wilting on the vine.  This is the time of year that football is nothing more than a tease and SI is putting 15 year old 12 year old girls on the cover.  We sports fans need a distraction to hold our attention until next week when football season starts up.  Many of you are pouring over your fantasy football drafts to pass the time but for those of you like myself who thinks fantasy football is only for booger eating morons (you know like NASCAR) you need something else.  Well for me it has been following everyone’s favorite little tapper.  She has been so much fun to follow and root for that I have been able to forget that the Reds are the worst team in baseball.  Wait, the Cubs still play, right?  OK, second worst team in baseball.

Valerie Rockey is in the FINAL FOUR!

As most of you know by now our favorite dancer has advanced to the Final Four on SYTYCD.  That’s code for So You Think You Can Dance for those of you that don’t read the site or for Beck who does not watch TV or have Facebook.  Here are a couple of Val’s performances from last night’s show.



Does anyone else happen remember the last time a Rockey was in the Final Four?  I do!

photo 1photo 2


I just hope that Val is able to finish the deal a little better than her Dad and those monkeys were able to do 22 years ago.  Looks like the only thing that has changed is a little more gray hair peaking out from under the hat now a days.  I guess Val’s costumes will do that to a Dad.