We are almost through the month of July and head into the final stretch of August until the sports world becomes good again.  I love baseball but we are going through the worst part of the season.  I can not wait till September gets here.  Baseball stretch run, NFL, and college football kicks off.  I can’t wait but since I have to then I have tried to mix in some new stuff this summer to pass the time.

Soccer – USMT


Now there are a few factors that go into why I go so wrapped up in this years World Cup.  One would be I have a daughter that plays soccer so it was something to watch together but I am also a sucker for national events.  I love the Olympics and pretty much anything else that pull so many different types of people together.


So You Think You Can Dance


As you know from the earlier posts I am a part of Team Vote for Val.  I have to admit that I had more of a history of watching soccer than watching SYTYCD.  (Beck, than is a reference to the show title, I’m cool like that) I don’t know Valerie myself but know so many people close to her.  It has been really neat to watch this former Flash put such big smiles on some many people’s faces, just awesome!  The best part about tonight’s show was that Valerie went first so if I didn’t want to watch the other dancers I didn’t have to.  What am I saying the best part was seeing the video of Coach Rockey dancing on national TV.  Great job Tuttle!  You didn’t embarrass anyone.  Make sure everyone clicks on the link and Votes for Val.






So the wife took me on a tour of the Bourbon Trail for my birthday and I have been mixing in more bourbon on the weekends ever since.  I will partake in a couple fingers around the fire now pretty regularly and I am really starting to like it.  (That doesn’t mean I have a problem, right?)

Let us know if you have tried something new and have enjoyed it.


Let’s Get Round 2 Started

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Well Jason has wisely let me take over the brackets for round 2.  You guys need to redeem yourselves after mangling the movie brackets.  So pay attention and do the right thing this round.


The Black Crowes vs. The Beastie Boys

This is a classic battle of black vs. white.  The best band with black in their name ( Sorry Black Sabbath, Black Flag, and The Black Keys) vs. The most influential white rap group of all time.

Check out the Crowes doing what they do best.  Playing better music than every other band of their time.


Check out the Beastie Boys making a Hammond B3 organ sound cool in a rap song.




Justin Timberlake vs. Jack White

This is a battle between one of my favorite pop singers and the guy who is single handedly trying to save rock and roll.


Here is JT doing a great cover of the Marvin Gaye classic, “Got to Give It Up, Part 1″.


Have you ever wondered what a mash up of Icky Thump and 99 Problems would sound like?  Click below for the answer.




Nirvana vs. Van Morrison

This will be a battle.  The band that defines grunge going against one of the greatest white soul singers of all time.  No matter who you pick you are right.


A great song from my favorite Nirvana record.


Have you ever heard of the band Them?  Did you know Van was their lead singer?  Did you know they recorded this nasty song?




Elvis vs. Dolly Parton

The king of rock n roll going against the queen of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Another tough match up where unfortunately someone has to lose.


Here is the man from his famous 1968 comeback special.  He was easily the coolest guy in the room.  This is the original Unplugged.



Here is Dolly doing a great bluegrass cover of a Collective Soul song.


Indiana basketball is at a crossroads

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If you are the biggest Indiana Hoosier fan in the world or hope they lose every game like I do one thing we all seem to agree on is this coming year is going to be a big one for Coach Tom Crean.

Coach Crean is coming off of a year everyone wants to forget that followed up an NCAA tournament run that was not much of a run.  He was able to keep in state product James Blackmon Jr. home after many thought he would end up across the ohio at either Louisville or Kentucky but did lose Trey Lyles.  It seems like every time they take a step forward they take one step right back.

I am one that thinks that if IU had a top level coach that it would be going to Final Fours much like Kentukcy, Louisville, Kansas, Duke and UConn does on a regular basis.

I know, Coach Crean took over IU at the bottom.  He started with nothing and built it to a Big Ten Champion.  Well isn’t that what he is supposed to do?  I understand that the Big Ten is a great basketball conference and winning it is someone to be proud but isn’t that Purdue’s goal every year?  Win the Big Ten.  IU’s goal every ear should be Final Fours.  Right?

We all know about the talent that comes out of this state every year.  It is the best in the country.  Every year schools like Kentucky, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Louisville, Duke and North Carolina come in and take what they want and go to Final Fours.  So why aren’t the Hoosiers?

I am not the only one that feels this way.  Pretty much any IU fan I talk too admits that this is a big year for Coach Crean.  Hell, a few of them thought last year should have been his last.  The worst of it seems to be that so many in Hoosier Nation don’t feel that this year will be any better.  It looks like they will be able to shoot but not sure if they will be able to rebound or guard anyone.  There is nothing worse for a program having no hope.  Once the fan base thinks there is no hope it is hard to build excitement.

I was at a charity event this past Saturday with a family friend.  They had a raffle and one of the prizes was a Tom Crean signed Indiana basketball.  They had a big table set up with about 40 prizes.  Now a Tom Crean ball is not my cup of tea but in my mind one of the better gifts.  It was simple, they pull a ticket and when your ticket is pulled you pick any prize you want.  Well to make a long story short we we were 23 tickets in before the Crean ball was taken.  22 people men, women and children walked up to that table before anyone took the ball and this took place in Indianapolis for the love of God.  It is a good thing this guy was at the event or I might have been forced to take it.


My point is a simple one.  Is Tom Crean a good coach?  Sure.  Is Tom Crean the type of coach that can take IU to a Final Four 3 of 5 years?  Not in my mind and if Indiana wants to regain some stature in the college basketball world they need to make a move.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope that creepy guy never leaves B-Town and until he does the rest of the surrounding schools have nothing to worry about.



The Police vs Wilco




Chuck Berry vs Jimmy Buffett

OK now that you know how Chuck got the idea here he is for real.




Aerosmith vs Billy Joel




Bob Dylan vs John Mellencamp


Every time I hear this song I think of Mr. Matthew Adoley!



The Beatles vs John Prine




Bon Jovi vs Marvin Gaye


By the way this is the best anthem ever!



The Greatful Dead vs Jackson Browne




Johnny Cash vs Journey





My two cents on Lance leaving town

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Today we found out that Lance Stephenson would be packing his bags and moving to North Carolina.



For all the baggage Lance brought with him and the ups and downs he had you can not say that this 23 year old is without talent and upside.  I said from the get go if the decision was mine I could not see a scenario where a team could take a chance on Born Ready and sign him to a big long term deal.  Well guess what?  Lance was not looking for a long term deal.  Lance and his agent know the NBA will be signing a new TV deal and anticipate the next salary cap to be much higher.  Lance was looking for a 2 or 3 year deal so he could position himself to be the All-Star player he feels that he can be and cash in with a huge max deal a few years down.  If Lance was willing to roll the dice then why weren’t the Pacers?

To me it was the perfect fit.  Give Lance 9-10 million for the next couple years and see what he becomes.  To me it was a win win.  If Lance starts pushing women down the stairs again, allegedly, then you let him go.  If he stays on the path then your have had his back and are in position to max him out continuing to build around one of the best young players in the league that is still in his mid 20′s.

Lance can be an idiot but we have to remember how young he is and how much he has grown.  You have to love a guy that is willing to make fun of himself.


The only thing that makes since to me is that the Pacers know something that you and I don’t and they offered Lance a deal that they knew he would not sign.  That way they can say they tried their best and put the focus on Lance turning them down.  They better be right because to me it appears that they are losing one of the two guys on this Pacers team (David West being the other) that actually give a damn and play hard every night.


since tonight is a great night to cast votes I figure I would give you four more first round match ups to vote on.


Photo by Fox.com

First thing is first, make sure you are casting your votes for everyone’s favorite dancer, Valerie Rockey!  Click here to cast your Votes for Val!

Now time for the music!

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers vs Barry Manilow

To me Petty and The Heartbreakers are arguably the best American Rock and Roll band of all time.  They have been great in 4 decades now and just keep making great music.


Now I know what you are saying.  How is Manilow on the list?  Because you know every word to every song.  Just admit it.



Dwight Yoakam vs Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

Dwight Yoakam is a Kentucky born, Ohio raised and California ripened super star.  This musician / actor continues to wow such a wide variety of audiences.


Even though I think the best think The Boss has ever done is Nebraska, the most depressing album of all time, but we decided to place him with the great E Street Band.



Green Day vs Hall & Oates

The modern day punk rockers taking on one of my guilty pleasures.




Buddy Holly vs Conway Twitty

On was called, “the single most influential creative force in early rock and roll.” The other is the creepiest guy to ever have 40 #1 billboard hits.




This is not your Father’s Notre Dame

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Notre Dame released today what the new field turf is going to look like come football season.


I like it! It is a nice mix of old and new. They kept the old school stripes in the end zones but added the midfield logo and shamrocks at the 35′s.
What do you think?