Brackets Made Easy

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The time is almost upon us.  We watch all year long trying to figure out the best college basketball teams.  We have spent hours upon hours watching game after game.  We have all learned the same thing this year…..there is no clear cut winner this year.  Joe Lunardi might have the most job security in the country for the next few weeks.  The brackets change daily because every team is beatable.


Since nobody knows anything at this point, I offer you some alternatives in your bracket selection process.

coin toss

The coin toss might simply be the easiest and quickest way to fill out your brackets.  Since every game this year has pretty much been a coin toss, why the hell not!


You can always roll some die.  Roll a dice for each team, and the highest number moves on.  This is for those of you that don’t have a coin, but are ready for a craps game at any time.


For those of you with no coins and no die, I offer the cover your eyes and point method.  This can take some time as you could keep pointing to the same crap over and over.

Disclaimer:  These are simply options, and I do not guarantee an office pool win.  However, for this particular tournament, they are probably more viable options than what you think you know.  You”ll thank me when Yale beats Valpo in the championship!


Good luck, and don’t forget an eraser when it comes time to fill out that “winning” bracket :)


So today started like any other Saturday.  The 6 year old woke us up at 6 wanting breakfast and SpongeBob.  Dance class for the little one, followed by herding the family to a birthday party.  Sure I was keeping my eye on the Kentucky game and the great schedule of college basketball games but you know, it’s Saturday and there are things that need to get done.

And then this happened…


WOW!  I hadn’t even eaten lunch yet and Cal just called a man a mother fucker.  Well alrighty then.  I guess it’s going to be one of those days, where’s the bourbon.


Hoosiers Win, Crean is Crean and Twitter reacts

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OK, let’s take a day off of the dumpster fire formally known as Louisville basketball and talk about a team that will actually be playing in March, the Indiana Hoosiers.


Photo: Inside The Hall


What a night in B-Town last night.  The #4 ranked Iowa Hawkeyes (a team I had not seen play yet this year because why would you ever choose to watch Iowa sports) came to town to test Coach Tom Crean and the boys.  The Hall was rocking, Dicky V was Dicky Ving, Crean was doing this

and IU was able to hold on for a much needed win to help out the cause come seeding time.

Win, lose are draw I always love going to Twitter afterwards to see what people are saying about the most antagonizing and polarizing coach in college sports, Tom Crean.  I mean, just look at him.


You would think this is a face that only a mother could love.  I know I can’t be the only one that wants to go Jimmy Dugan on him and treat him like Stillwell Angel when he starts pacing up and down the bench.


But after wins like the one last night Coach Tom Crean certainly has his supporters and is getting some serious love from Hoosier Nation.  No matter what side of the fence you fall on when I comes to CTC, the Twitter feed amuses me and here are some of my favorites from last night.


See, I told you people are not afraid to show there Tom Crean love.


Looks like Alex agrees with me.


More love for coach but saying it would be a set back if he was gone might be a reach.  Oh well, you get the point.  Michael loves him some Crean.


So I’m not sure if this a complement or not?


OK, I have to admit I have no idea who Dean Lewis is and if this is a good thing or not but it made me laugh either way.


I don’t think I have to go out on a limb here, Mike is not a fan.


An Iowa fan from West Des Moines.

So as you can see there is love in the air for a segment of Indiana and college basketball fans for Tommy Boy and after a big win I don’t blame them.  I still get the since though much of Hoosier Nation is taking a wait and see approach with their coach before jumping back on the CTC bandwagon.

Either way last night was a perfect example of why college basketball is so much fun so no matter where Crean takes IU this year, make sure you enjoy the ride.

Whether you are a Hoosier fan or not we all grew up hearing his voice.  Chuck Marlowe was a legend and here are a couple clips I found online.

Chuck with Joe D


Chuck with Bob Knight taking aim at rival Purdue




WOW!  What a day.  Let me just say great job to Matt Jones and the crew at Kentucky sports radio for pulling off the interview we will be talking about for a long time coming.  If you missed the interviews here they are again.

Now if you are just catching up on the days events you might want to skip ahead to the 8 minute mark of Part 1 and cover the kids ears.  Then do yourself a favor and search the phrase “to the ceiling” in Twitter.  You can thank me later but let me give you a hint.  Throwboy Tees might have a new t-shirt.


Man, I can’t wait for Louisville to travel to Notre Dame this Saturday.  I have a feeling the Irish student body will have something ready for the Dirty Birds.  So if any of my ND friends are going to the game and have an extra ticket I might know someone (me, me) that could be the loudest guy in the building.  #JustSaying

Well, I’m exhausted, the bourbon is kicking in and UK has doubled up Georgia with 14 min left in the game.  It is time for me to call it a night, I just hope I don’t have dreams that resemble this.


Below is a link to video of the KSR interview with Katina Powell via Matt Jones’ periscope account. 

It is definitely worth the time to watch. The highlights that jumped out to me were Katina saying there were 22 visits on campus and all were for the purpose of  entertaining recruits. Oh, and she also uses the phase “squirt to the ceiling”. 

So there’s that. Enjoy!

Here is the audio from also.

louisvilleheldhostage2So Ricky P has been told to not talk about Hookers in the dorms.  Ricky P has said that he will not talk about Hookers in the dorm.  So what does Ricky P do?  Acts like a 15 year old who’s boyfriend just dumped her and talks to whoever will listen about hookers in the dorms.  Rick has not been told no since Boston told him to hit the bricks and just can’t handle being told it now.  Rick is running from media outlet to media outlet talking to whoever will listen and it is not a good look.  Watching Rick do these interviews is really becoming hard to watch, kinda like this…

Who am I kidding, I LOVE IT! and the latest rumor on Twitter tonight is Ricky will have diarrhea of the mouth on Mike and Mike tomorrow morning which will be perfect since it will not interfere with you listening to Katrina Powell on KSR.  Perfect!

And in honor of the many lies Rick is to sure to tell in the morning, I give you Meghan Trainor.