I ran across this on the Palladia channel.  Nirvana in concert on Halloween night, 1991.  It is so nasty and raw.  If you are my age and remember this band in their prime you will love it.  If you are of the younger crowd but love music but don’t really know Nirvana then prepare to have your mind blown.  The rawness and talent of this band is unbelievable.  Check it out.


Much like the winter meetings for baseball’s hot stove league this is week and next is the time of year that next years college basketball rosters will really take shape.  There were three huge announcements today that will shape next years season.

Let’s start with the local kid, Gary Harris.


The Hamilton Southeastern product has elected to enter this years NBA draft.  Many mock drafts have Harris going in the middle of the first round.  With good workouts Harris could find him self a lottery pick.

Moving one state south two big men thought to be entering the draft gave their fan base something to get excited about today.

Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell and Kentucky’s Willie Cauley-Stein both decided to stay in college for at least another year.

images-247     images-248

The two big men are sure to make good team coming back even better.  In Louisville’s case if they can find someone to step up and score some points they could see themselves back in the national title picture.  Wayne Blackshear could be that person and if he is the cards will be very tough.

Kentucky is a team that expected to be good next year but with WCS coming back they could be pick up where they left off next year.  The cats are looking to have one of the best front courts in basketball.  The real question for them will be the back court.  If the twins come back?????  Watch the F out.  While teams are out looking for quality bigs UK could have a front court rotation with the following…

Cauley-Stein     7-0

Johnson             7-0

Lee                      6-9

Poythress           6-8

Willis                   6-9

Lyles                   6-10

Towns                 7-0

If they can find a guard or two this team should be one that is fun for Cal to coach.

As we know Kentucky fans love to burn couches and make up horrible songs about their team.  With today’s news I thought it was a good time to dust this horrific ditty from the KSR show.


Spring Music and TV Picks

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You know it is spring in the south when the Masters start and the smell of burning couches has faded in Lexington.  You also know it is spring because in the world of music things are happening fast and furiously as we gear up for the summer concert season.  I have been keeping my finger on the pulse of the music business and there are plenty of things that I like right now so I might as well share them with you.


1. Thank God I’m a Country Boy

I really think this is one of the greatest songs in the history of country music.  Anytime I hear this song it puts me in a great mood.  Well just imagine how happy I was when I stumbled up on this video of the Avett Brothers doing a ferocious version of this song from backstage at The Tonight Show. Not only do they play the shit out of the song but they do it while decked out in some real nice looking NYC tourist gear.  Enjoy this bad boy.



2. Sturgill Simpson

George Jones is the greatest country singer of all time and that will probably never change.  With that being said there are two current country singers that are fighting for greatest living country singers.  Jamey Johnson and Sturgill Simpson.  They are both fighting the good fight to keep real country music alive.  Sturgill has a new album coming out and and I am hyped to here it.  If you are a fan of old school outlaw country music this guy is for you.  His new album is called “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music” and it comes out on May 13th.  The first single is called “Living the Dream” and it is pretty nasty.  Listen for yourself right now.



3. Jack White

Jack White always has something happening.  Since the White Stripes broke up he has started 2 bands, opened a great record store in Nashville, started a record label, got a divorce and threw a divorce party with his wife, and talked shit about the Black Keys in an e-mail to his ex wife.  He is a busy guy.  June 10th he has a new solo album coming out called “Lazaretto”.  When it comes to JW you never know what you are going to get but he has released a video for a song called “High Ball Stepper”, no words just some ass kicking guitar.  It sounds more like the White Stripes than anything he has done since they broke up.  Check it out and see what you think.



4. The Black Keys

I have been a big Black Keys fan for awhile.  Unfortunately for me the rest of the world now loves them too and they are now playing arenas which means I will no longer be seeing them live.  I am sure at some point they will go back to playing smaller venues but until then I will just listen to their records.  Speaking of Black Keys records, they have a new one  titled “Turn Blue” coming out on May 13th.   The 1st single called “Fever” is out and I would say I am moderately into it.  It is growing on me but this song is definitely a departure from their traditional sound.  I am sure I will buy the record when it comes out but I am a little nervous about this one.  Check out the first single and see what you think of the new sound.



5. Nashville

This might fall under the “Guilty Pleasure” category but I prefer to just call it a pleasure.  I love the TV show “Nashville”.  I have watched every episode and will continue to watch every episode until they take it off the air.  It is like a soap opera with way better music.  If you are not watching it you should be.  Check out one of my favorite jams from the show.





Wow!  What a tournament.  We had it all.  We had the big upsets with Duke going down that gave us this gem.



We had buzzer beaters like none we had seen before.  Or maybe we had seen them before?


We saw more white guys dancing in one room than there was at my wedding.  (I don’t think anyones legs should move like that.)


We had people in bird heads flock to downtown Indy.  (As much as Louisville drives me nuts I love the Cardinal masks.)


We had monster dunks!


Once again we had some shining moments.


The only thing we didn’t have, as we all know, was Indiana teams.  Well those schools only have 178 days to get it together before midnight madness and we start the road to Indy.



I am sure many of you out there are wondering how I could not be posting on the site this week.  (all 10 of you)  You are right that it is a huge week at the BDS compound.  The Cats are looking to hang banner #9 and myself and the rest of my dork friends will be getting together for our fantasy baseball auction.  Here are the two biggest questions I am facing today.

#1  Should a 40 year old man get so excited about college kids playing basketball and fantasy sports?

I know this is a question my wife asks herself every year around this time.  All I can say is if loving Kentucky Basketball and Fantasy Basketball is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.  At least I am not hiding this about me and sneaking around to go into Poe’s basement, bid money to build my pretend baseball team, drink about 100 beers, eat 20 hotdogs (I will get to this), and cheer on my Cats.


#2  How much is to much?


I mentioned the hot dogs and here is the deal.  About 15 guys, 100 hot dogs, closed basement location, chili and beer.  The draft starts at 3pm.  Kentucky plays at 9pm.  How many beers and dogs will I consume by the end of the UK game?  How many should I consume?  The only thing I know for sure is Sunday will be a bad day for my toilet.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



Even Hitler is pissed at Coach Crean

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It seems that everyone is putting their own spin on the college basketball landscape using the Hitler rant.

Friends of BDS sent me this version that seems to be put together by members of the Hoosier Nation that are not very happy with the state of the Indiana program.


I laughed for 10 minutes about the Pitino joke.

C-A-T-S Cats Cats Cats

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