therachelIf you grew up in the 90’s then you or one of your girlfriends had a haircut that was inspired by a popular TV character.  The Rachel.  Women everywhere from all walks of life and backgrounds clipped Rachel Green’s picture from their favorite magazine and rushed to the salon to look and feel like the sweetheart of the 90’s.  Why do I bring this up you ask?  One reason, Kentucky point guard, De’Aaron Fox.

The 2017 Bob Cousy Award watch list Wildcat point guard has sported two hairdos that I swear are inspired by characters from the long time running primetime cartoon, The Simpsons.

First De’Aaron sported The Lisa.


And now Fox looks to have a more mature look by going with The Marge.


patttyCan’t you see De’Aaron walking into his barber with a picture of Marge and telling the guy to give him that hair?  What’s next?  I guess he can always stay in the Bouvier women lineage and fro is out to look like Patty.  Why not?  If this knee injury keeps him out of the game like Scoop Lemond reports he will have plenty of time to light up on the sidelines like Cawood Ledford used to do.

Well whichever one you like best you have to give it up to him, at least he has hair and isn’t sporting the Homer like many of us.


With two weeks left in the regular season the two local Big10 teams, Purdue and Indiana, are heading in opposite directions.  The Big10 bracket looks a bit different than it did this time last week.  Purdue has moved into the top seed and Indiana slipped even further to the 12 hole.


Who will be Indiana’s coach next year? #iubb

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ctcThere is nothing that energizes a fan base more than two things, a title run and a coaching search.  Right now the Purdue and Indiana fan bases are buzzing and it doesn’t take a very smart man Jenny, to tell the reason for the buzz.  Since we all know Purdue will choke away any late tournament run let’s talk about the Hoosiers.

Now if you follow me on Twitter, and you should, you know I think all this IU coach chatter is going to be for not and Tom Crean will be back for one more, and probably his last season next year.  But how much fun is that?  None, even tough as a Kentucky fan I hope he never leaves, so let’s talk coaching search!

If we assume CTC is let go or pulls a Tubby Smith and plans his own exit the question we all want the answer to is who’s next?

There are four names that keep coming up and let’s just get this out of the way.

Brad Stevens, Billy Donovan, Sean Miller, and Steve Alford are not leaving their current jobs.  No really, they aren’t.  No NBA coach has ever come back to college without being shown the door first.  Pitino, Calipari, Montgomery, and Larry Brown would all still be NBA coaches right now if they had not been told no one wanted them.  Brad Stevens and Billy D are not turning down the much easier life style and prestige  of The Association to come back to the 24/7/365 world of college coaching.  Now when it comes to Miller and Alford you can argue IU is a better job, sure, but you would be wrong.  Just think about it.  These two are really only recruiting against each other for the best west coast talent.  Any move to Indiana would throw them back into the recruiting meat grinder that is the Midwest where you not only have to go against but beat the likes of Michigan St., Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, and the other 25 schools east of the Mississippi looking to grab top talent.

So then what?  Well let’s take a look down on tobacco road at the mess at NC State to get a better read on who might be realistic options for the Hoosiers.

I went through a few websites and this is a list of names that keep coming up for the soon to be open NC St. job.

Archie Miller – Dayton

Kevin Keats – UNC Wilmington

Gregg Marshall – Wichita St.

Chris Holtmann – Butler

Will Wade – VCU

Vinny Del Negro – Former NBA coach

Mick Cronin – Cincinnati

King Rice – Monmouth

and get this….. Tom Crean!

Sooooooooo, what does this list of names do for you Hoosier Nation?  Because this is the list, or one that resembles it,  you will be choosing from.  Are these guys better than Clappy?  Are these guys going to recruit at the level you want?

Well here is my list.  If I had to put money on who the Indiana coach will be next year I have seven names in this order.

  1. Tom Crean – I have been told from someone who would and usually does know that Fred Glass will not remove Crean at the end of the year.  I do think there is a chance that CTC looks to find a soft landing spot on his own but he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that accepts defeat very well.
  2. Gregg Marshall – Wichita St.
  3. Chris Mack – Xavier – In his seven years at Xavier he has only missed the NCAA tournament once and made three Sweet 16s and has recruited the Midwest, including Indiana very well.
  4. Mick Cronin – Cincinnati
  5. Chris Holtmann – Butler – I get the feeling the fan base will never accept a Butler coach not named Stevens.
  6. Randy Wittman – Now here is a NBA guy that you could get.  Does Randy move the needle enough to reunite Hoosier Nation?  I’m not sure.

I think all these guys can do the job and would be solid hires but are they better than Crean?  I know right now you probably think Billy Gillispie would be better but do these names get you excited?  Let me know your thoughts Hoosier Nation.

If the #Big10 tournament started today

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Don’t look now but the conference tournaments are just around the corner.  Here is what the Big10 bracket looks like as of today.




Ted Cruz made me laugh, no really!

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All through the primary season I kept saying there is just something about Ted Cruz I didn’t like.  You know how you should like someone but you just don’t and you can’t put your finger on it?  Like how many of us feel about Joey Votto.  For a candidate to gain the support of the masses they usually have to inspire us with leadership or relate to us and show a side we can relate to.  Ted Cruz did neither until now.

Deadspin sent out the following tweet yesterday looking for proof of Ted’s self-proclaimed basketball history.  You remember when he used to shoot at the old basketball ring.


And this was the classic response by the one and only Ted Cruz himself.


Well Ted, if you could have been this witty during the election you could have won the Oval Office.  Either way, I tip my hat to Ted for the great response.

10 Reasons why Die Hard is not a Christmas Movie

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imagesWe can argue a lot of things, frankly I like to debate over such topic with my friends and could argue both sides if I had to.  You know topics like…

Who is to blame why Indiana and Kentucky don’t play amore?

Did Rick Pitino know about the hookers?

Which is better football, Saturday or Sunday?

But there is one debate I will not entertain the other (wrong) point of view.  It is not about politics, religion, or college sports.  The issue is a simple one.

Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie!

Just because a movie is set at Christmas does not make it a Christmas movie.  Let me give you 10 reasons Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

  1. Less Than Zero
  2. Love Actually
  3. Gremlins
  4. Rocky IV
  5. Lethal Weapon
  6. Batman Returns
  7. Edward Scissorhands
  8. Eyes Wide Shut
  9. L. A. Confidential
  10. Trading Places

All these movies are set at Christmas and, like Die Hard, they are not Christmas movies.  If you think they are please stop reading now and go play in traffic.  Look, I get it.  You like Die Hard and hate Christmas.  Your Dad tried to come down the chimney, fell and broke is neck only to be found weeks later.  (Actual plot line in one of the above movies, true story)  Anyway, whatever the reason is that causes the empty space in your Christmas soul don’t try to rain on our holiday by bringing Hans Grubber into the mix.

Alan Thicke is why I hate Bob Seger…RIP

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News broke tonight of the passing of Alan Thicke.  Word is he had a heart attack while playing hockey with one of his sons.

Now if you have ever discussed music with me you probably know I have an unpopular opinion that Bob Seger sucks balls.  Many ask why and I always refer to one moment of 80’s pop culture.  The date was September 30, 1986, I was 12, and Growing Pains aired the episode, “Jason and the Cruisers”.  You know the one where Jason starts to feel old and Maggie decides to surprise him with a reunion of his former band The Wild Hots.  Don’t remember?  Well this will jog your memory.

I know, total crap right!  This shit actually passed as entertainment in the 80’s somehow and if it wasn’t for Bob Seger giving us the most over rated song in music history then we would not have had to watch Alan Thicke and Kirk Cameron pretend to play and sing.  Yes, I blame Bob Seger for bad 80’s TV.  Trust me, it makes sense in my head, I promise.

So there you have it, the man who was responsible for my hatred of Bob Seger has passed.  Make sure to pour some out for Jason Seaver tonight.