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Friday Night at the Movies

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Well the Pacers are facing elimination and need something to get them refocused for game six tomorrow evening.  What is better than bringing is some guest speakers to give a pep talk to the team.

First we can bring in a coach you might not be familiar with.  He was in one of the most underrated sports movie of all time, One on One.  If you have never seen it you must search it out.

I’m not sure any of the players were alive in 1977 when that speech was given so let’s get more recent and bring in Coach Gaines to fill their hearts.

I am still not sure Psycho T has a soul, he did go to UNC after all, so if that didn’t work and the Pacers feel it will take a miracle to win two in a row against the Heat then we will bring in Herb.

So maybe some of the guys don’t skate much and can’t relate.  Let’s go to a classic that has to work.

And finally if the there is any doubt at all that the Pacers can band together and pull this off we send in Payton.





The fan base of Notre Dame, Kentucky and Louisville do not have a lot in common but what they do have is a collective hatred for Gordon Gee.  This ass hat with a bow tie decided it would be a good time to open his mouth and prove to the world how much of an idiot he is.  If you have not seen the comments yet here is the ESPN story.

Here is some of what the fan base of each school has to say about it.

Notre Dame



At a time when Big 10 football is trying to be relevent on a national level it continues to show why they continue to lag behind.  They are run by old, ignorant, protected fools.  At least Joe Pa can’t go on protecting child rapist any longer.


We are now on iTunes!!!

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It is a big day here at the Backdoor Slider compound.  iTunes has excepted the podcast and you can search Backdoor Slider in the podcast section in iTunes to find it or just click the link below.

Please subscribe and enjoy!



Wow it’s already hump day

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Well it is already Wednesday night and the week is all down hill from here.  Before I know it the wife will find a new place for me to dig a hole and plant a bush.  I know, I said bush too.  I planted 58 plants around the yard over the weekend and it almost killed me.  One for every beer I think I drank over the weekend.


This Friday night Indiana and Louisville will host their NCAA regional baseball tournaments.  Both are favorites to move onto the super regionals next weekend but will have to win the 4 team double elimination tournaments this weekend.  If you have never gone to a college baseball game this is a great weekend to start.  The atmosphere is unbelievable and both complexes will be rocking.  Here is where you can find a bracket will time and places.


Last night the Indiana Pacers beat the Miami Heat to guarantee the Pacers will play at game 6 back in Indy Saturday night.  Win or lose tomorrow night Indy will be rocking and I bet you can get a free Pacers schedule after the game from an employee of this place.  (They don’t know the regular season is over.)


BTW, the pay phone outside this place shows the name of the establishment on the caller ID when you call home.  True story.


And finally the Cincinnati Reds just continue to roll.  Not only do they look like a team on a roll but they are becoming a team that not only believe they can win but a team that expects to win no matter what happens during the game.  Some how the Cardinals rookie pitching continues to roll also but I am not worried.  This team is one of the most complete teams it has been in years.  Not to rain on the parade but the Reds have released that opening day clean-up hitter, Ryan Ludwick, is not expected till mid-August.  The question is do the Reds try to make a move?  Later this week we will look into the trade possibilities out there.  Until them tune in WLW, open a Hudepohl and enjoy.

Race party podcast

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Douchebag of the Day

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On a day that brings us game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals I can not over look the Douchebag of the Day, Tom Hamilton.  Tom Hamilton is the radio voice of the Cleveland Indians.  This is what he had to say in the 9th inning of yesterdays game in Cincinnati when Aroldis Chapman buzzed Nick Swisher twice.

Here is the play and Hamilton’s call on a video posted on his Facebook page.

Ok, I can see even the best of the best from time to time getting emotional and caught up in the moment.  But even 24 hours later, when cooler heads prevail, this is what he had to say to Cincinnati Equirer writer C. Trent Rosecrans.

Well if nothing else the Reds promotional staff got the night off because this douchebag will put some extra butts in the seats tonight in hopes to see Cincinnati stick it right up Tom Hamilton’s and the rest of the Indian’s asses tonight.

And for that Mr. Tom Hamilton, you are the first Douchebag of the Day!

Happy Memorial Day

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Memorial Day has always been viewed as the start of summer.  The kids are about to get out of school and the neighborhood pools start to open up.  It will be interesting to see if Lance Stephenson can keep his pool access key for more than one week this year.

For me this is the time that baseball starts to really heat up.  We are a 1/4 of the way through the season and some teams are already playing for next year like the Cubs and Marlins.  That is not the case for the Cincinnati Reds.  The Reds have been red hot as of late and looks like a team that is set up to make a run to the playoffs again this year.  Today’s game against the Cleveland Indians was no exception.  Great pitching from Mike Leake and the bullpen today.  Home runs from Choo (10) and Votto (9)

Speaking of backdoor slider, Aroldis Chapman ended the game a one of the nastiest on out there.

Backdoor Slider contributor Walt, went from hosting podcasts to working on his Bush Stadium seats.  Here is the progress he has made.








The NCAA released the bracket for the baseball tournament.  There are 16 Regionals that feed into the Super Regionals best 2 of 3.  The 8 Super Regional champions will then pack their bags and head to Omaha for the College World Series.  The Indiana Hoosiers and the Louisville Cardinals will both be the 1 seeds in their regions.  Both teams have many players from the area and look to have a great shot to land in Omaha.  Good Luck!