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Halfway there

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We always think of the All-Star break as the half way point in the baseball season but many teams played their 81st game this weekend.  If the playoffs started today this is what it would look like.

National League                          American League

East  Atlanta                                     East  Boston

Central  Pittsburgh                          Central  Detroit

West   Arizona                                  West   Texas

Wild Card  St. Louis                        Wild Card   Oakland

Cincinnati                                           Baltimore


There are only a hand full of teams that have no chance of a turn around and run at the post season.  Yes Cubs fans, that includes that team that is playing while you are acting like douchebags in the outfield.

Now if you are a fantasy baseball dork like I am you have either given up on your team by now or looking to make that one big trade that can turn around your fortunes.  Here are the top five pitchers and hitters so far this year.

  1. Miguel Cabrera Det.                          Jordan Zimmermann Was
  2. Chris Davis  Bal.                                Adam Wainwright StL
  3. Carols Gonzalez Col.                        Max Scherzer Det
  4. Mike Trout Anh.                                Matt Harvey NYM
  5. Paul Goldschmidt Arz.                     Cliff Lee Phi

No surprise that my horrible team has none of the players above on it.

Enjoy the second half and get out to ballpark soon.






Not So Greatest 100 Albums Ever

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Entertainment Weekly released their list of 100 Greatest Albums Ever of all time this week. I have attached the link below so you can see it for yourself but let me be the first to say that there are some real questionable choices on this list. I know these list are supposed to spark conversation and debate but some of these choices are downright mind boggling to me. First of all you mean to tell me that of all of the albums ever made there are only 7 better than “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”? I bet you could not even tell me who recorded that album without Googling it. Well I will save you the time it was Kanye West. So that album was better than “Abbey Road”, “Highway 61 Revisited”, “Innervisions”, and “Beggars Banquet” to name a few. Adele’s “21” came in at #17 which is a joke. I guess if you sell enough copies of an album then it is an instant classic. Mark my words that album will not stand the test of time. Some other highlights are Bjork at 78, Daft Punk at 24 five spots ahead of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” and finally “Sgt. Peppers” is nowhere to be found on the list. I had to look at the list about 10 different times to make sure I was reading it right. I could go on and on all night but instead I will leave you with my 5 favorite albums of all time. Feel free to include your favorites in the comments section.

100 Questionable Choices

Nick’s 5 All Time Favorite Albums (which could change at any time)

5. Otis Redding- Otis Blue: Otis Sings Soul

The greatest soul singer of all time. This album is his finest moment and it does not even include his signature hit “(sittin’ on} the dock of the bay”. Hard to believe he died at 26 years old.

4. John Mellencamp-The Lonesome Jubilee

This is the album Mellencamp made as we was trying to save one of his 23 marriages. His songwriting was never better and his band was the strongest it had ever been. The combination made for an incredible album and the second side of this album is my favorite album side of all time.

3. Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti

2 albums, 15 songs, no filler. Rarely do you get a double album where are all of the songs are this strong and by rarely I mean only one other time and you will see that album in the #1 slot. The first 6 songs on this album might be the nastiest six songs to ever start an album. However I will let you enjoy the last song on the album.

2. The Black Crowes- The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

My favorite band of all time and this is their best work. The album was made in 14 days and many of the songs on this album were first takes. Axl Rose could take a lesson from them and try and make his next album in less than a decade. If you saw the Crowes tour for that album this is how they started their shows. Ferocious.

1. The Rolling Stones-Exile On Main Street

Maybe the best thing that happened from my short stay on the campus of Indiana University in the fall of 1990/spring of 1991 was the discovery of this album. I could not believe how good this album was the 1st time I heard it and it is just as good today. From the 1st chords of “Rocks Off” to the final notes of “Soul Survivor” 18 songs later this is the perfect album and will always be my favorite album of all time.

Friday night is finally here

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Well the longest week in a working mans life is finally over, the week after vacation.  The weekend is here so lets raise a beer and take a look at some recent news.  Ok, Beck finally paid the bills and we have a connection again allowing me to get this post out.

The NBA draft last night was the story and there were two big winners from the evening.  The Indiana Hoosiers and Anthony Bennett.

With Oladipo going 2nd and Zeller 4th Tom Crean and the Hoosiers had the type of free publicity that Kentucky has gotten the past few years.  Coach Clappy can now go out on the recruiting trail and show how he is going to help top level talent reach their dream of playing in the association.  It will be interesting to see if Coach Clappy can turn this into consistent top recruiting classes.  Everyone in Indiana thought Zeller was a great pick at 4, lets see how the fans in Charlotte feel about the pick.

The other big winner was Anthony Bennett.  Bennett who many thought would be taken around 10th walked away being the top pick in the draft.  The difference between being drafted 1st and 10th is roughly another 8 million dollars.  Not so shabby.  On the other hand one of the big losers of the night, Nerlens Noel fell to the 6th pick and cost himself approximately 6 million.  That is a lot of money that he will never get back.

The other big loser of the night had to be Shane Battier.  ESPN thought it would be a great idea to take this guy straight of the court and put a mic in his hand.  What we ended up with was a night of horrible interviews.  Now with that being said, Shane did have one interview with Sergey Karasev that could be the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

By the way, way do I like Niki Minaj?  anyway

I know that it is dirty talk to speak of good things in these here parts about the New England Patriots but I just can’t help myself.  Robert Kraft and the Patriots do not want any fans to have to wear Aaron Hernandez jerseys.  So what are they doing?  Allowing fans to come turn in their Hernandez jerseys for a new one.  Darren Rovell estimated that this move will cost the Pats over $200,000.  I commend this move, one that Bengals owner, Mike Brown, would never make.

Wednesday news and notes

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Well we start this hump day with the big story of the day.  By now everyone knows that former New England Patriot, Aaron Hernandez, was arrested on murder charges today.  The Florida Gator star is accused of shooting his friend as he got out of his car and stood over the body to fire a couple more shots into him.  I ask you, does this look like a face of a killer?

0626-tmz-gun-aaron-hernandez-3What a piece of shit.  At least Marvin Harrison was smart enough to not take selfies while packing heat.

Changing course, JaQuan Lyle from Evansville committed to Slick Rick and the Louisville Cardinals today.  The 5-Star point guard chose UofL over Indiana, Florida and Tennessee.  Looks like Rick will turn his sights on Indianapolis power forward, Trey Lyles next.  This will be the first head to head recruiting battle Pitino and Cal have had since another Indiana talent, Marquis Teague, chose Kentucky over Louisville even after Pitino hired a Pike assistant to his staff.  Lyles recruitment will be very interesting to watch this summer and up coming season.

Last but not least the Indiana Pacers announced today they were bringing back Larry Bird as President of Basketball Operations.  I found it interesting they made this announcement on the eve of the draft.  I am not going to pretend to really care one way or another if Larry Legend comes back or not.  All I care about is that he does not make the Pacers ware these shorts next year.


Well tomorrow is almost Friday and I know we can make it to the weekend!

Unknown-47Last night the Chicago Blackhawks won their fifth Stanley Cup in dramatic fashion scoring two goals in the final 90 seconds to beat the Boston Bruins.  Now, I only have one friend that was probably actually watching so I will not bore you with the details but I will share one of his favorite hockey memories.  Fro had a record of Indianapolis Racers highlights and “Hockey Bob” Lamey had what in my mind is the greatest call he ever had on this recording.

“He beat him in a head up fight and he beat him good.”

Worst than the 2000 draft?

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As I keep looking at the mock drafts for this Thursday’s up coming NBA draft I keep saying to myself that this has to be the worst draft class in a long time.  So I went out looking and found another draft that has the same look and feel as this one, the 2000 draft.  Take a look at the first round.

Pick Team Player School/Country
1 NJN Kenyon Martin Cincinnati
2 VAN Stromile Swift Louisiana State
3 LAC Darius Miles East St. Louis HS (IL)
4 CHI Marcus Fizer Iowa State
5 ORL Mike Miller Florida
6 ATL DerMarr Johnson Cincinnati
7 CHI Chris Mihm Texas
8 CLE Jamal Crawford Michigan
9 HOU Joel Przybilla Minnesota
10 ORL Keyon Dooling Missouri
11 BOS Jerome Moiso UCLA
12 DAL Etan Thomas Syracuse
13 ORL Courtney Alexander Cal State Fresno
14 DET Mateen Cleaves Michigan State
15 MIL Jason Collier Georgia Tech
16 SAC Hedo Turkoglu Turkey
17 SEA Desmond Mason Oklahoma State
18 LAC Quentin Richardson DePaul
19 CHH Jamaal Magloire Kentucky
20 PHI Speedy Claxton Hofstra
21 TOR Morris Peterson Michigan State
22 NYK Donnell Harvey Florida
23 UTA DeShawn Stevenson Washington Union HS (CA)
24 CHI Dalibor Bagaric Croatia
25 PHO Jake Tsakalidis Georgia (Europe)
26 DEN Mamadou N’diaye Auburn
27 IND Primoz Brezec Slovenia
28 POR Erick Barkley St. John’s
29 LAL Mark Madsen Stanford

Not one real super star in the group, swing and misses everywhere as teams were reaching on potential and athletic ability.  As I continue deeper I see so many similarities to this years draft.

  • The top pick was also coming off a season ending injury.  Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel, who many has said should be the top pick in the draft had a gruesome looking injury and had to shut it down prior to the end of the season much like Kenyon Martin.  The Nets still stuck with Martin who over came his injury and became a very productive player but never became the MVP type player that many thought he could be before the injury.
  • No complete, dominant player in this years draft.  Looking back on the 2000 draft Stomile Swift for the love of God was the 2nd player taken.  He was not a player that could take over a game himself but had out of this would athletic ability.  Looking at this years draft board it looks like Indiana’s Victor Oladipo seems to be the athletic player shooting up the draft board.  Oladipo really burst into the spot light this year but can he really be a potential All-Star that you want when you draft a top 5 player?
  • No disrespect to Oladipo either, he just might be the best on the draft board even at pick 3, 4 or 5.  There is not one player in this draft that I could see becoming more that a role player on any good NBA team.  Looking at the 2000 draft there is not one player you could build a team around.  If there are any NBA GM’s out there that think they can build a team around the likes of Alex Len, Ben McLemore or Cody Zeller then they are going to be very disappointed and unemployed.

If I was Cleveland I would trade down and collect as many picks in next years draft as I could.  Next years draft looks to be loaded with team changing talent and multiple picks in next years top 10 could be unbelievable for Cleveland.  Imagine a Cavs team with Kyrie Irving, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and wait for it, LaBron James coming back to bring a title back to the town he turned his back on just a few years ago.

Nik big balls

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Ok, I just watched Nik Wallenda walk across the Grand freaking Canyon on a tight rope.  That’s right a freaking tight rope.  Usually I watch these stunt acts in hopes that the fool breaks every bone in his body, que the X Games.  But watching this guy walk across this wire with his entire family looking on I actually wanted nothing to happen to him.  I know, I know, you are thinking a week with my feet in the sand has made me soft.  You think a week of seeing dolphins playing in the ocean and introducing my 15 and 13-year-old to the sitcom Friends has given me a heart.  (BTW introducing the girls to a world that includes Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay might make me father of the year.)  Drinking more frozen drinks than beer has gone to my head right?  You know better.  I bring you stunts gone bad including Nik Wallenda’s Grandfather falling to his death.  Enjoy!


The unforgettable Evil Knievel


and we close with a X Game clip