The Best Value In Pro & College Sports

Posted: June 20, 2013 by waltmtaylor in Uncategorized

It’s no secret that going to a professional or major college sporting event can put a real dent in the old wallet these days.  I can take the hit every now and then, especially if it is just me paying for myself, meeting up with my buddies and taking in a ballgame.  But when you load up the whole family, multiply that cost by 4, you can be talking some big bucks.

I have found a true exception to this rule in Cincinnati when going to see the Reds.  I’m not talking about sitting behind the dugout or on the suite level, but in this ballpark that’s not really necessary since there are plenty of good seats at a value price.  Pretty much anything in the 400 level is $30 or less, and the site lines are great.  Factor in the deals they have on Sunday afternoons and weeknights, and you can easily get a family of 4 through the gates for under $100.  Last night, using a promo code, we had 4 great seats in the 400 level, even with the 3rd base bag, for under $65 total!  It really isn’t hard to find ways to get seats at 50% off during the week, so you could even upgrade and go lower for less than the regular price of upper level seats.

Factor in reasonable parking ($10), a safe and nicely developed area outside the stadium, and it gets even better for a family outing.  Concession stand prices are, well, concession stand prices, but when going with the family (as opposed to going with BDS founder JKlee) I am not sucking down $10 beers all night, so even the concession bill is manageable.

The product on the field is pretty good too, and who doesn’t enjoy tracking the hidden baseball under a bowl of Skyline Chili on the scoreboard between innings.


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