Halfway there

Posted: June 30, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

We always think of the All-Star break as the half way point in the baseball season but many teams played their 81st game this weekend.  If the playoffs started today this is what it would look like.

National League                          American League

East  Atlanta                                     East  Boston

Central  Pittsburgh                          Central  Detroit

West   Arizona                                  West   Texas

Wild Card  St. Louis                        Wild Card   Oakland

Cincinnati                                           Baltimore


There are only a hand full of teams that have no chance of a turn around and run at the post season.  Yes Cubs fans, that includes that team that is playing while you are acting like douchebags in the outfield.

Now if you are a fantasy baseball dork like I am you have either given up on your team by now or looking to make that one big trade that can turn around your fortunes.  Here are the top five pitchers and hitters so far this year.

  1. Miguel Cabrera Det.                          Jordan Zimmermann Was
  2. Chris Davis  Bal.                                Adam Wainwright StL
  3. Carols Gonzalez Col.                        Max Scherzer Det
  4. Mike Trout Anh.                                Matt Harvey NYM
  5. Paul Goldschmidt Arz.                     Cliff Lee Phi

No surprise that my horrible team has none of the players above on it.

Enjoy the second half and get out to ballpark soon.






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