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Who wants some Notre Dame football?

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If you have listened to podcast #4 you heard some stories of the Backdoor Slider crew in South Bend.  (if you haven’t what are you waiting on????)  Telling those stories made me want August 31st to get here right now.  I went out on the web to find something to wet my football whistle and ran across this.  It is a tad long but grab a beer and enjoy.



Podcast #4 is up

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Well I host my first podcast without our director, Walt.  We drink some beers, burn some heaters, and tell some stories from our past.  Enjoy.

I hate unwritten rules

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Everyone always talks about the unwritten rules of baseball.  What in the world does that even mean?

Yesterday Yasiel Puig hit a dramatic walk off home run to beat the Cincinnati Reds.  It was the games only run and if you were rooting for the Dodgers a great way to see the game end.  (I was dropping F bombs and mad that I just wasted 3 hours of my life watching this train wreck.)  So what were they talking about in Cincy today?  The lack of hitting by the Reds?  Nope.  The great pitching the Reds are getting?  Nope.  Fans in Cincinnati are pissed that Puig flipped his bat and then slid into home plate like a 12 year old kid.

You know what I say about that?  WHO CARES!!!!  If you don’t like it then how about scoring a run or two during the game.  I look at this guy and I see someone who loves to play the game and is having fun.  Puig has breathed new life in a ball team that was gripping under the pressure of the LA lights and has helped them into first place.  There are people calling into Cincy talk shows ranting about next time they play the Dodgers they need to send a message and hit Puig.  WHY???  Why would you in ever in a play off run hit a player on purpose, probably start a fight that will get someone suspended or worse hurt.  How about this, be a man and except that he beat you for one.  Then get him out next time.  I have never understood this thinking and never will.  Hell, the same people who are bitching and moaning are probably the same people who didn’t see any problem when the Cuban Missile did this.

I loved the slide into home, I love the double somersault and I love it when these guys are having fun.  I don’t know if it is a coincidence that both of these players are Cuban but if it isn’t and Cuban players have more fun playing this game then the rest of the players and these unwritten rules guys need to take a page from the Cuban book on baseball and relax.

Fantasy football is coming

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I know that the football season is still 5 weeks away but if you want to have a chance to win a fantasy football league now is a time to start rubbing the off-season sleep out of your eyes and start paying attention.  First thing is first.  If you do not already have a league or are sick of the idiots that you play with currently it is time to start looking for a league.  If you only take one piece of advice from me ever it should be this.

Only do a league with a live auction draft.

Any meathead with a computer can sit down and luck into a team when the autodraft picks half your team.  There is nothing worse than going into a draft prepared and have some guy that had to have the computer pick for him take all your players that your had targeted.  This guy walks away with a good team while he was out signing up his wife and daughter for amature night at Babes.  If you have never done an auction draft it can be a bit intimidating at first but you will love it and never want to go back to the horrible snake draft.

Here are some other tips that have helped me over the years.

Breakdown your positions in tiers and stick to your plan.

You should group each position separately and break them down in projected points tiers.  Lets look back at last years running backs season points totals.

6 Ray Rice 206
7 CJ Spiller 195
8 Jamall Charles 188
9 Trent Richardson 187
10 Stevan Ridley 187
11 Frank Gore 180

As you see the 6th best running back was only 26 points better than the 11th best back last year.  That is less than 2 points a week.  So if you have the 8th pick of a 12 team draft and the top 5 running backs flew off the board before you would it make sense to panic and take Ray Rice or CJ Spiller right here?  Or would you be better off taking say Calvin Johnson with this pick and taking Frank Gore with your second pick.  Of course I will take the second option.

Your last two picks should be your Kicker and Defense.

I laugh every year when those guys in your league think that they have found some secret way to win the league and it involves the Jets D and whoever is the kicker in Denver.  Let those fools go nuts and DO NOT get involved.  Only 30 points separated the #1 kicker from the #12 kicker last year.  And good luck trying to pick who #1 is going to be.  I always like to get guys who kick indoors and on better teams.  Last year I took Atlanta’s Matt Bryant with my last pick and he was the 3rd best kicker and took Bengals D the pick before and they were the 5th best.  While some blow heart is crowing about taking Chicago’s defense you can quietly be taking a mid draft stud like Danny Amendola.

Don’t pay too much attention to the preseason but keep track to injuries.

As much as I love football there is nothing worse than the fake football we will be subjected to during the next 5 weeks.  The coaches show nothing, good players are just trying to not get hurt, and guys that will not make the team will lead their teams in rushes and catches.  Do not take much stock into preseason performances but don’t be that guy that drafts Percy Harvin in the 2nd round either.

I will start breaking down the positions next week to give you a different prospective.





Things I Like

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steve martin

The Brickyard 400 is tomorrow, College and Pro Football are just around the corner, and A-Rod is hopefully only a few days away from a lifetime suspension from baseball. Until then I figured I would share a few things I like with you.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

If you had created the most successful sitcom of all time and had more money than you knew what to do with what would you do next? If you were Jerry Seinfeld you would create the website Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The website is exactly what you think it would be. Jerry and his comedian friends getting coffee. It is fantastic and gives you an inside look at some of the greatest comedians of all time and how they think. I have watched every episode and you should as well. If you don’t have time to watch them all start with Alec Baldwin and Chris Rock, you won’t regret it.

The Otis Gibbs Kickstarter Campaign

You probably already know how much I like Otis Gibbs and his podcast. Well Otis is getting ready to start making his next album and he is using the Kickstarter website to help fund his album. He has even offered to shave his beard if he raises enough money. Click on the link to the website and watch the video about what he is doing. It is a really cool idea and you should donate a couple dollars to the project.

The Wood Brothers

The Wood Brothers are the best band you have never heard of. The first time I heard them play was in a record store in Atlanta a couple of years ago and they blew me away. I then was able to see them play a full concert the next year in Indianapolis. They played a place called The Earth House that was an old abandoned church converted into a music venue in downtown Indianapolis and it was an incredible evening of music. I became a fan for life after that night. They have a new album coming out in October which I will be purchasing the day it comes out. They have their 1st song off the album on YouTube called “The Muse” and it is a beauty. Enjoy it.

The A.V. Club Undercover 2012

Last year The A.V. Club had fans select 25 songs they wanted covered by current bands. Once a song is covered it is crossed off the list and cannot be covered again. There are some really good bands doing some really cool covers. You can check out these covers out on YouTube. In honor of BDS founder Jason Klee I selected Head and the Heart doing a a nasty Fleetwood Mac cover.

Steve Martin & Edie Brickell

You may remember Edie Brickell from her god awful 1988 hit “What I Am” and being married to Paul Simon. You may know Steve Martin from movies and being a comedian. But what you may not know is that Steve Martin is a world class banjo player and recently released a great album with Edie Brickell titled “Love Has Come For You”. I have been wearing out the title track and you might do the same after hearing it.

Friday night at the movies

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Well if you are like me you are starting to get into that football state of mind.  If you are not quite there yet I have just the thing to help you out.  Grab that special someone and take in one of these movies tonight.

From 1979 a movie based on the Dallas Cowboys – North Dallas Forty


Now I know I was not the only one to cry in the theater – Rudy


When Denzel is not drunk and flying a plane he makes a pretty good football coach – Remember the Titans


One of the most over looked sports movies – The Program

What does Vegas say about your team

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NFL training camps are opening up all over the country this week and I know that I am not the only one ready for some football talk.  I pulled up what Vegas is thinking how each team will finish.  Here is the wins over / under followed by last years win total.

New England   11.5   12

Miami   7.5   7

Buffalo   6.5   6

NYJ   6.5   6

Pittsburg   9   8

Baltimore   8.5   10

Cincinnati   8.5   10

Cleveland   6   5

Houston   10   12

Indy   8.5   11

Tenn   6.5   6

Jacksonville   5   2

Denver   11.5   13

San Diego   7.5   7

K C   7   2

Oakland   5.5   4

NYG   9   9

Dallas   8.5   8

Washington   8   10

Philly   7   4

Green Bay   10   11

Chicago   8.5   10

Det   7.5   4

Min   7.5   10

Atlanta   10   13

N O   9   7

Carolina   7.5   7

Tampa Bay   7.5   7

San Fran   11.5   11

Sea   10.5   11

St. Louis   7.5   7

Phx   5.5   5

Now I have been known to pick a few winners in my past, well I have picked a lot more losers, and there were a few that jumped out at me.

Cincy at 8.5   take the over

Indy at 8.5   take the over

Kansas City at 7   take the under

Philly at 7   take the under

Seattle at 10.5   take the under