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For Whom the Bell Tolls

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Cut Day for the NFL and the 23 now former Colts that did not receive a rose from Ryan Grigson.

The Colts General Manager continued his purging of players from the previous regime.



Ben Ilajana and Drake Nevis former 2nd and 3rd round picks respectively from 2011 were among the casualties. Both struggled with injuries and neither was given the benefit of the doubt because they were not Grigson’s guys. It is not an indictment of Grigson or his evaluation of talent, but he like his predecessor is an egomaniac that believes in his own system and players. Donald Brown and Fili Moala should be on notice that they too could be the next Polian draftee to be walked to the door.

What did we learn from last night?

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#1   We love to watch football.


For the love of God, name me another sport where I would have stayed up past my bed time to watch a Fresno St. / Rutgers and Utah / Utah St. game.  There isn’t one.  I love college basketball but I am not staying up to want PAC12 match ups.

#2  IU is going to be pretty good or the Fighting Trees really suck ass.  Now the reality is usually somewhere in between but the Hoosiers looked good last night.  Two things I took from the game.  What was ass wipe doing?


Yes he was ejected but this is just blatant disregard for anything good about football.  I my mind there is nothing more chicken shit in football.  I put this up there with the tough guy that tries to go and take out the other teams punter or kicker that is not in the play.  Not only should he have been ejected but in my mind he should sit out at least one more game.

Now i was told that the first half crowd was good for the game and I didn’t start watching till the 2nd half but that place was empty.  I am sure a lot of people that live in the Indy area drove down for the game and wanted to get home but what are you waiting for????  Your team is kicking someone’s ass and you are not there to cheer for it.  I just doesn’t make since to me.  I don’t care if it is a directional school or not.  Hell I would not care if it was Manuel High.  Come on IU fans, you have to embrace the good when you have it.  You have what seems to be a solid coaching staff and an AD that finally cares about football.  Show up, Stay up and be loud.

#3   Mother Nature is sick of hearing about Jadeveon Clowney.


Thunderstorms rolled in as the OBC’s Game Cocks was taking control of the game over their neighbor to the north.  The much hyped South Carolina defense looked under conditioned and Superstar Jadeveon Clowney was a non factor for much of the game.  You know that Coach Spurrier will not be happy and will have the guys running wind sprints down the fairways as he gets in nine before practice starts.

#4  Lane Kiffin is not a good coach.

USC is going to lose some games this year and I love it.  3-14 on 3rd down might get it down against Hawaii but it will not go far against the likes of Notre Dame, Stanford, Oregon and Arizona St.

#5  I love the fact we were able to watch a SEC conference game last night.  Ole Miss invaded Vandy and stole one late.  If Vandy is going to make a run in the SEC East this year these are the type of games they can not afford to lose.  Kinda makes you feel sick doesn’t it Commodore fans?


The Ole Miss fans sure enjoyed themselves though.  Check out this guy!


Doesn’t feel good to have football back in our lives.

Colts Lose 27-10 in Preseason Finale

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The Colts coasted through the last preseason game and lost 27-10 to the Bangles.


Who cares? No one you cared about played, for the Colts anyway. (Marvin Lewis foolishly suited up his starters and played them early. You see he, and the Bangle front office types, are so unfamiliar with having this much talent that they risk their own livelihood by marching out Dalton and AJ Green in a completely meaningless exercise. Those guys really needed the reps against the scavenger Colt D. If anyone got hurt he would have been destroyed by the Cincy media, and rightly so!)

Anyway, the only interesting takeaway will be to see if any of these jokers made enough of a case to make the team or even practice squad for the ponies or someone else. Kerwin Bell played okay at running back, but based on coach Pagano’s statements after the game, I’d say he’s gone. Caesar Rayford was the other compelling story. The 6’7″ DE out of the Arena League has been an absolute force this preseason racking up 5 sacks. Did he play himself on? We will soon find out.

Lots of awkward calls await for Colts General Manager, but it’s an unfortunate fact of life for these marginally talented gladiators. By Monday, 22 guys will be singing this song and crying their eyes out.

Take the rest if the weekend off from the NFL. Enjoy college games and the wall to wall Johnny Manziel coverage. I’m retreating to Fruitdale to blow off some steam with my life long family friends and beer drinking buddies. By Tuesday, the hype for the opener shall begin. Until then, be safe and Godspeed.

Opening night is here!!!

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These girls are excited that football is back.



I know I am and the world is right once more.

Lets give a little love to the Hoosiers tonight.  Currently they are up 45 – 21 at the half after the fighting trees scored twice in the last 19 seconds.  Yep you read that correctly.  I don’t know how that happened but I’m guessing the softball coach is not happy about it and letting the boys know how she feels in the locker room.



I am sitting here watching Vandy play Ole Miss like a lion watches a gazelle.  I have a feeling  I will be up for the end of the USC game tonight.  By the way I think it’s stupid that Hawaii is not the rainbows any more.


Anyway, I am off work tomorrow so I can bask in everything football this labor day weekend.  I might need someone to bring me a pizza and 12 pack of Hamm’s around 2am if anyone is up.



Temple– These are the kind of tune up games that I like. Temple had a couple decent seasons a couple of years ago, but AL Golden is in South Beach and Temple will go back to being …well Temple. The Irish will rush for 240 and pass for 250. Irish win 38-3.

Brady Hoke

@Michigan-Night game, Big House, bring it on bitches!!! I respect the Michigan tradition and football team, but I seem to hate them more and more every year. Probably because Notre Dame has had the better teams over the last 4 years but are 1-3 against the skunkbears. I would have to say the last time ND visited Ann Arbor was probably the worst loss in my long battered crusade with the Irish.  Every time I think of that game…I want to break something or kick a dog…if I had one. I think Michigan will be good this year, but it will take a few games before they get rolling. Irish pull out a 31-23 victory.

@Purdue-I love going on the Purdue sites and talking smack. Joe Tiller did something to those Purdue fans that needs to be address now. Put them back in their place with a good smack down. Remember Purdue fans, you went 5-8 against Davie, Ty, and Weis…and this is considered your “Glory Years?” Kelly goes 4-0 against Purdue: Irish win 34-10.

Michigan State– This is one of the games that scares me. The Spartans have a lot back on both sides of the ball, but they do have some questions at QB and OL. If the OL can stay healthy I can see this being a let down game. Irish prevail 20-17.

Oklahoma– The Sooners will start a new QB Trevor Knight, but if you have seen his film, he looks a lot like Manziel(without the cash). Their offense should be great again, but their defense still has holes on the DL. Sooners should be 3-0 and coming off a bye week. The schedule takes a toll on the Irish. Oklahoma wins in a shoot out, thanks to four Irish turnovers. Sooners win 31-27.

Arizona State– I like the Irish to bounce back after a tough loss.  This will be the toughest matchup in the Shamrock Series. Arizona State will be one of the better team in the Pac 12. They were ranked in the top 25 on offense and #2 in sacks last season. Irish prevail 27-17.

lane kiffin

USC-Notre Dame has a bye the week before this matchup. I was at this last USC game in South Bend. The Irish have a couple of things going for them: Bye week, Home game under the lights, Lane Kiffin on opposite sidelines, and I won’t be there(you are welcome Irish fans). I will take credit for this win, Irish 28-20.

Air Force– I think Coach Diaco has found out how to stop the triple option or “veer” since the 17-35 loss in 2010 to Navy. Since that game, ND is 4-0 with a 48-15 average of victory. When beating the Military Schools, one must score points…and the Irish will. Irish win 52-16.

Navy– Hopefully playing back to back academies won’t get the Irish too banged up. Watch out for the knees boys!!! Irish win 28-7.

Pitt- The last 5 games against the Panthers have been too close. The Irish are 3-2 in those games with an average margin of victory by 4 points. Notre Dame and Pitt will have two of the better defenses and this game will show it: Irish win 19-16.

BYU– Probably the most underrated team last year because of their defense. Although BYU has made their mark with great passing attacks, the Cougars bring in a great front seven to slow down the Irish. Mormons pull off the upset 23-20 .

Stanford Tree

Stanford– The Trees are riding an 8 game winning streak and stand at 10-1 ranked #5 in the country. The Irish bounce back and pull off the victory that will lead them to a BCS Bowl. Irish win 3120 and they shut up all of the naysayers.

Women Who Rock

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I am sure everyone has seen the groundbreaking performance from Miley Cyrus during the MTV Music Awards on Sunday night. Based on Twitter and Facebook it looks like most people hated it. I thought it was pretty funny but to be honest I have not thought that much about it. If you devoted more than about 2 minutes being outraged by it you need to find a hobby. But since so many of you were outraged by her performance I figured I would provide you with some women who actually have talent to help you forget about all of the Twerking that went down Sunday night. Here are some of my favorite women artists. Hopefully you agree with me and I deny ever saying the only place women belong in music is backstage. That was Josh Garland. I just happened to be standing next to him.

1. Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin is not only my favorite woman singer she is one of my favorite singers man or woman. But as far as the women go she is 1st and it is not even close. I was introduced to her 1st album “Living with Ghosts” in 2003 when I was going through an “interesting” time in my life and I wore it out over a couple months. The entire album is basically just Patty and her guitar. It is basically a female version of Springsteen’s “Nebraska” but unlike “Nebraska” you don’t want to kill yourself after listening to it. I own all of her albums and have seen her live. Every album she has made is fantastic and she puts on an incredible show. She is also currently dating Robert Plant. Do yourself a favor and listen to some of her stuff, or all of her stuff. Check out “Sweet Lorraine” from her 1st album.

2. Lucinda Williams

“Car Wheels on a Gravel Road” is a masterpiece. The 1998 album by Lucinda Williams was how I was introduced to Lucinda Williams and it was quite an introduction. The album took 6 years to make, was co-produced by the now dead Roy Bittan of the E street Band, mixed by the legendary Rick Rubin and included musicians such as Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris and Jim Lauderdale. The songwriting is incredible and the musicianship is just as good on this album. This album lead me to buy several other albums from Williams and see her in concert a couple of times. She is truly one of the best women musicians out there. Check out this nasty cut from the Car Wheels record. Don’t let the guy who looks like Buddy Holly (Kenny Vaughn) fool you. He is a bad mother on the guitar.

3. Loretta Lynn

Everyone knows Loretta Lynn and most people love Loretta Lynn. I am no exception. She is responsible for some of the most classic country songs ever. The film “Coal Miners Daughter” based on her life is a classic and is still popular today but what really made me love Loretta Lynn was the album she made with Jack White called “Van Lear Rose”. It seems like a crazy combo that would never work but trust me it works. Loretta still sounds great and White and his band do a good job of beefing up the songs but still giving them a great traditional country feel. This album rejuvenated Lynn’s career much the way Rick Rubin rejuvenated Johnny Cash’s career in the 90’s. If you are not familiar with this album check out the best song from the album below.

4. Stevie Nicks

If you are like me you probably think Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham are Fleetwood Mac. When they joined the band they immediately propelled the band to super stardom and when they sing together it is pretty great. Not only was Nicks vital to the success of Fleetwood Mac but she had a nasty solo career in the 70″s and 80’s. She has a great voice, makes songs with great hooks that stand the test of time and back in the day she was pretty hot. My favorite song she ever did was “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. This is a classic 80’s rock radio hit. You may not know that during this time Nicks wanted to leave Fleetwood Mac and join the Heartbreakers. When she approached Petty about it he replied “There are no girls in the Heartbreakers”. Pretty much the greatest line ever. You have heard the original version of “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” a million times. Check out this live version.

5. Linda Ronstadt

When you think of Linda Ronstadt you might think of the older, larger, crazy right wing politic chanting singer that made the soft rock classic “Don’t Know Much” With Aaron Neville in the 80’s. If that is the Ronstadt you remember please stop. You need to remember the super hot southern California singer from the 1970’s because that Ronstadt is pretty bad ass. She had a powerful voice, looked great, and had some of the best backing bands ever, including Glenn Frey and Don Henley at one point. She was able to merge, rock, pop, and country pretty seamlessly and her album “Heart Like a Wheel” is a classic. I still think her version of “Poor,Poor Pitiful Me” is better than the original by Warren Zevon. Go out and get some classic Linda Ronstadt. But for now just watch this video.

Way to go A&M, you truly belong in the SEC now

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This much we know.  Johnny Manziel signed thousands of autographs.  The dealers who’s memorabilia he signed refused to speak to the NCAA.  The NCAA is a joke and Texas A&M has no soul.

First is Johnny Football



You want to know how a kid can go from one of the most beloved to one that everyone can’t wait to see fail?  What have I always said.  If you just tell the truth then people will embrace you.  People will root for your redemption and you will be in a better position when it is all said and done.  Manziel could have been the face of why kids should be able to make money off of their own name.  He could have been the player that everyone from Jay Bilas to Conference Leaders rallied around to make positive changes in college sports but Johnny Football was not man enough to stand up and tell the truth.  He has shown his true colors as a liar, a punk and the type of spoiled athlete no one can stand.  If I was a NFL GM I would have loved to draft a kid that stood up and took responsibility for his actions.  Stood up to face the critics and was willing to have real discussions that could make a difference for others.  I for one hopes this kid gets his block knocked off and never sees the light of day in the NFL.



I have always said I would rather a college landscape with no rules than what we have now.  I think you can now see what I mean.  I will start be saying I do believe there needs to be rules in place that protect the athletes and programs.  I do not want anarchy but I do not want this NCAA.  This NCAA hands out punishments with no rhyme or reason.  This NCAA is more worried about keeping kids like Enes Kanter and Hanner Perea who what to go to school out and keeping kids like Manziel and Cam Newton in.  This is a body that has basically game Miami a four-year sentance but gave Manziel 2 quarters.  They were obviously scared of the SEC and what might happen if they gave Manziel the punishment that he deserved.  It is time for the NCAA to go the way of AAU who was once the governing body of college sports.

That leaves me with Texas A&M

Below is a copy of the Texas A&M University Code of Conduct taken straight from their website.    As you can see the Code of Honor is what everything except punishing Johnny Manziel is based on at Texas A&M.

Ethics – Texas A&M University Code of Conduct

Aggie Honor Code

As members of the Aggie Community – whether as students, faculty or staff – we aspire to excellence in all that we do. One of the simplest and most straightforward ways to attain excellence is to judge our actions against the Aggie Code of Honor: An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do. With this as our standard, we pursue excellence in Texas and around the world.

What is the Aggie Code of Honor?

“An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.”

The Aggie Code of Honor affirms values that apply to students, faculty and staff alike. This simple statement exemplifies two of our core values—excellence and integrity—and underscores our commitment to ethical conduct and compliance with laws and official policies. These core values forge a strong base to embrace our other core values of leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service.

How does Texas A&M strengthen compliance?

University-wide efforts encourage ethical conduct and compliance with legal obligations through heightened awareness, enhanced monitoring, and effective response to compliance risks. The key message is that individuals are responsible for ethical conduct and compliance in conducting daily activities.

How can I learn more about ethics and ethical conduct?

All new employees must receive ethics training within 30 days of hire, and all current employees must retake the ethics training every two years in accordance with System Regulation 33.05.02 Required Employee Training. A Student Conduct Code is included in the Student Rules.

System policies and regulations are found at University rules and SAPs are found at Contact us at 979.845.8116 if you have trouble locating a specific rule or SAP.

They will address:

. . . ethics and ethical conduct?

. . . waste, fraud, abuse and corruption?

. . . academic and research programs?

. . . compensation and employment issues?

. . . the use of property and services associated with Texas A&M and the A&M System?

How do I report wrongdoing?

Go to the Risk, Fraud and Misconduct website you can submit a written report or find the appropriate toll-free telephone number. (This website is hosted on EthicsPoint’s secure servers, which are not part of the Texas A&M website or intranet.)

You may also report wrongdoing to the Texas State Auditor’s Office:

By phone: (800) 892-8348

On the Web:

I have a question about ethics. What should I do?

Contact the most appropriate administrator from among the following:

Academic Integrity Issues (Graduate and Undergraduate) 
Mr. Timothy C. Powers 
Director, Aggie Honor System 
(979) 458-3378

General Student Issues
Dr. David W. Parrott 

Executive Associate Vice President for Student Affairs 
(979) 845-4728

Graduate Student Issues
Dr. Susan Bloomfield 

Assistant Provost for Graduate Studies 
(979) 845-3631

Faculty Issues
Dr. Michael J. Benedik 

Interim Dean of Faculties and Associate Provost 
(979) 845-4274

Staff Issues
Ms. Deena J. McConnell, J.D. 

Associate Vice President for Administration & Academic Affairs 
(979) 845-4016

I say we call the 800 number to report a breach of the Honor Code.  It is clear to anyone with a brain that A&M chose football over everything else.  They are now truly a SEC school.  Right up there with Auburn who looked the other way and it lead them to a BCS title.  Right up there with LSU and Florida that enable Les Miles and Urban Meyer to harbor criminals.  I hope you feel good about yourselves A&M because this is the saddest day in your history.  From here on out you will be remembered for this disgrace and not those stupid guy cheerleaders.