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I miss these days

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I am a kid of the 80’s and one of the things I remember is my brother and I watching the WWF and the great wrestling figures and matches it brought.  Let me know if you remember this classic tag team match between 4 of the giants of the WWF.


Colts-Jags Review

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Here are the takeaways we learned from the 37-3 thrashing the Colts put on the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars:

1.) It is an absolute blessing to play this semi-pro franchise twice a year. The Jags are poor at scouting and personnel managing. The coaches cannot seem to teach, gameplan, or motivate. Its players are untalented as they are undisciplined. Its fan base is smaller than that of the Indiana Fever and shrinking by the week. How does that market still have a team?

2.) Without playing that well Andrew Luck and the offense did what they had to do: run the ball to burn some clock, throw the ball downfield against a putrid secondary, and don’t give them any hope. Check, check and check.

3.) The defense was pretty impressive lead by Robert Mathis and his freakishly ever going motor. He increased his sack total to 7.5 on the year. The secondary made three interceptions including a pick six by Darrius Butler. The rush defense was also stout against MJD holding him to a sub 2 yard per carriage average.

4.) Trent Richardson is a highly compensated short yardage specialist. Okay, I am going to comment on whether or not he’s any good. After two games he needs to show me something more. 20 carries for 60 years against that defensive front is not too good. It looks like he has zero ability to break one past the linebackers let alone anything like we saw from Donald Brown. It was death by paper cuts watching him plow forward to 2 and 3 yard gains.


5.) Do not get too excited about this blowout, the Jags are the dregs of the NFL and their season is over and still somehow getting worse. It is time to see what the Colts have against the Seabags. We will be looking for a benchmark against the class of the NFC. Was the Niner game performance an aberration, or is this team legit? We will soon find out.

The Bungles are back

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Just please tell me that Marvin, Andy and Jay will have one of these in their front yards soon.



If you can not score a touchdown against the Browns should result in having to walk home in the rain.  I have never seen a team with so much talent on the offensive side of the ball just look clueless.  I guess it does not help when the quarterback can not complete a pass over 10 yards.  If the Bengals don’t find an OC or a QB soon AJ Green will not think twice about taking his talents some where else.


Ten things Saturday taught us

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1.  The Reds will go to Pittsburg Tuesday


The Pirates took the first of three against the Reds and will host the one game Wild Card game.  The game will be on TBS at 8pm.  Cueto (5-2 2.82) will toe the slab for the Reds while the Pirates will send Lirano (16-8 3.02) to the hill.  You know the fans of Pittsburg will be fired up and should make for a great atmosphere.

2.  USC will have a new coach next year


Oh wait, I mean next week.  Pat Hayden finally did what we knew he would eventually do and fired Lane Kiffen.  This is a guy that has taken three iconic football programs and drove them straight into the ground.  He took a number one pick quarterback, Matt Barkley, and guided him straight out of football.  The things he did to Tennessee and USC are just plain criminal.

3.  Purdue is horrible

It is one thing to get beat buy a MAC team.  It is another to get absolutely man handled by one.

4.  The Bulldogs are back in the Championship picture

In the most exciting game of the day to watch the Georgia Bulldogs took a major step forward in putting themselves back in position to play for the title this year.

5.  Tommy Rees is not good


Ok, we already knew this but I have never seen a quarterback get worse the more he plays like Rees has.  Brian Kelly is known for taking average quarterback and making them good.  In Rees he has taken an average QB and made him useless.  If the Irish are going to right the ship they better start running the ball 60 times a game.

6.  Clemson and Oregon are for real

These two teams and not just beating teams, they are destroying teams.  Both teams are going to make a run at undefeated seasons and if someone can beat Bama, would square off in what could be the biggest shootout of a title game we have ever seen.  That would be a fun one to watch.

7.  Brian Kelly should never be without a visor

images-121 Unknown-152

He just looks more like a football coach with the visor in my mind.  Without it he just looks like a guy that can’t coach a quarterback not to throw it to the other team.

8.  Stanford can put up the points


I am not sure when this happened but the fighting trees of Stanford has become an offensive force to reckon with.  In their first four games they are averaging over 41 points a game.  I guess all they need to do was get Pep Hamilton out of town.  Where did that guy end up?

9.  Samantha Ponder is amazing


Your welcome

10.  Boone T. Pickens can not buy a National Championship

With West Virginia knocking off #11 Oklahoma St. you can scratch the Cowboys off the list of nation title hopefuls.  I know Red and Ronnie are somewhere celebrating the Mountaineer win.


All signs point to College Gameday

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Check out this great look at the history of College Gameday signage.

Great job ESPN, this is my favorite thing you do!

Great day for some football

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What a day we have today.  Perfect weather, great games and the wife put some beer in the fridge.  Let us run down the games you should be paying attention to today.

Northern Illinois at Purdue 12:00 pm ESPN2 Ross-Ade Stadium

The best of the MAC is heading into Ross-Ade at a time when the Boilers need a win before starting the meat of their Big 10 schedule.



Oklahoma at Notre Dame 3:30 pm NBC Notre Dame Stadium

The Sooners are looking for revenge today after the Irish went to Norman and beat OK on their way to last years National Title Game.


LSU at Georgia 3:30 pm CBS Sanford Stadium

One of three SEC matchup I will be interested in today.  Let’s hope Georgia does not lay an egg today or Nick D’s house my get caught up in the burning of Atlanta.



Ole Miss at Alabama 6:30 pm ESPN Bryant-Denny Stadium

To me the most interesting matchup of the day.  Can the Ole Miss fast pace offense stay ahead of the best defense in all of football?



Florida at Kentucky 7:00 pm ESPNU Commonwealth Stadium

OK, Corey Carrigan and I are the only two people that care about this one.  The Cats have not beat Florida since 1986.  Sweet Jesus, I was in 7th grade.  Come on UK, this is the year!



Wisconsin at Ohio St. 8:00 pm ABC Ohio Stadium

If Urban is going to play for the National Title this year then today is a must win for the Buckeyes.

I think Wisconsin is ready.


Stanford at Washington St. 10:00 pm ESPN Martin Stadium

If you have not passed out yet then here is your night cap.  The Pirate will take his best shots at the Cardinal.


Purdue fan strikes again

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So I did something today that no sane person should ever do.  I got into a twitter tiff with was Purdue fan.  He seemed to be a pretty typical Boilermaker.  Well groomed, probably never played any sport other than that broom game Harry Potter played and well you know, a real dork.



Maybe not that big of a dork.


Nick D and I was on twitter going back and forth about the upcoming college basketball season and Nick commented on Purdue having another kid transfer out.  I then go on to make the comment about Matt Painter being the most overrated coach around.  Then all of a sudden this guy chimes in.



I am still not sure what his argument was.  He just kept asking how many COY Painter had won.  To be honest I have no idea and as I told him I really could care less.  To me that award means nothing and rarely goes to the best coach of a league.  If it did then Tom Izzo or Thad Matta would win that thing every stinking year.  For the love of God Billy Clyde Gillispie won the SEC COY his first year at Kentucky.  If that drunk bastard can win one then any coach including Shooter can win one too.



In all good fun I’m sure @I_AM_KB31 is a good kid and loves his school but he comes with the same tired argument every Purdue fan comes with.

  1. Our teams over achieve because our coaches are great.
  2. Our kids care more and work harder.

Lets get a few things straight.  You think your kids over achieve because your expectations are so low.  If your coaches were good then the Boilers would have been to a Final Four in your lifetime.  And no, your kids don’t work any harder or care more than kids at other programs.  It just looks like they are trying harder because they are so uncoordinated.

I appreciate the passion, I like the energy and I love that we are talking college basketball in September.  In my mind it comes down to this one question.  If Coach Cal left Kentucky tomorrow and I had to put a list together of coaches to replace him would Painter be on that list?  The answer is a be, HELL NO!

If Pudue fans could ever get over their little brother complex and just enjoy their success when it comes their way I think I could root for them.  We know they will probably never stop acting like little brother so I can just go back to making fun of them.  It’s probably better that way.