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Blackmon picks…..

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What is it like to be a IU basketball player?

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Tom Crean and Indiana University held a basketball fantasy camp this year and of course I made light of it.  Click here to see the post.

Well Tucker Max was invited to the camp and let the guys at Kentucky Sports Radio know a bit of what it was like being at the camp.  Here is what Tucker had to say.




Let’s just start with saying I am glad that trick or treating has been postponed for much of Indiana and Kentucky.  I didn’t want to be out in this weather, my kids did not want be out in this weather and neither does anyone else with half a brain.  With that said, let’s move on.



James Blackmon Jr. is announcing his college decision this evening on ESPNU.  He will be on at halftime of the college football game at approximately 9pm.  If you would have asked anyone last week they would have told you Kentucky was the choice with Michigan as the fall back.  Today was one of those days that if you are not on twitter you are missing a lot.  News started spreading and spreading fast that Blackmon was down to Kentucky and Indiana and that it was 50/50.  Many of the recruiting experts are leaning IU know and BDS writer, Nick Dalton, is saying if Blackmon goes to Bloomington that Jaquan Lyles is likely to follow.  Stay tuned and click on the Twitter link to get up to the minute updates.




Did you see that Paul George is becoming a ticket broker?  Well not really but he did buy up all the remaining tickets for his Alma Mater’s, Fresno State, home opener and is giving away the tickets.  Just another reason showing how lucky Indianapolis is to have George in the fold.  He is shaping up to be the type of player that could bring fans back to the field house to stay.



Steve Czaban does a piece on his morning show where they discuss small college football.  Guess who was on it?  The Greyhounds of U of I and Rose Hulman.  Here is the sound clip.


We will have more tonight.  Don’t forget to check back later for the Blackmon update.



IU fans should root for Kentucky this afternoon

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You heard me correctly.  The best thing for Indiana basketball today could be a Kentucky win this afternoon. 

The word is out that James Blackmon Jr. is down to Indiana and Kentucky and that he is 50/50 in his decision.  There is only one scenario in my mind that makes since that Blackmon could not know his decision at this point in time.  He is waiting to see where Devin Booker will go to college next year. 

I don’t think that it is a coincidence that Booker and Blackmon are deciding on the same day and that Booker is going first.  I think the only certain thing today is that Kentucky will get one of the two top shooting guards. 

Indiana fans needs to follow the Booker decision and we will keep you up to date here at Backdoor Slider.  If Booker picks Kentucky then I think Blackmon is packing his bags and will be heading to Bloomington next summer.  Nick D also thinks if this happens then the odds are good for Jaquan Lyle to follow suit and end up playing for Indiana next year. 

You can follow on Twitter @jkleeBDS or click the link on the page.  If not twitter feel free to follow on Facebook but be warned that Nick D will be posting pix of his kids in costumes.

Colts-Texans Round 1 Preview

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This is why it is so difficult at the start of the season to look at the schedule and try to determine how many wins an NFL team may get. Who would have thought that seven games into the season the Texans would be 2-5, be starting Case Keenum, and in full out free fall mode? Not this guy!

This game was even circled by NBC to be aired on Sunday Night Football because surely the stakes would be high between these two AFC contenders. Well, the stakes aren’t all that high, and don’t call me Shirley!

Admittedly, I have been brutal at picking outcomes for Colt’s games this year. Is 1-6 good, even on a college stats class curve? No! Still, I have a bad feeling about this game. The Colts are searching for an answer to fill the void left be Reggie Wayne. It looks like it will be done by committee and Griff Whalen. Whalen is a less concussed, slower, and less talented Austin Collie. I doubt he will be able to contribute much if he couldn’t even beat out David Reed for an active roster spot.

Also, I don’t know how J.J. Watt will be blocked. Every game I am waiting for Andrew Luck to stay down after taking a shot to his ample chicklets. Please don’t fail us now Jeff Linkenbach.


The Colts in a season and a half have gone from an afterthought to legitimate. Being the hunted comes with it added pressure and the best effort from your opponent. The Texans are certainly more desperate than the Colts. I see the Texans winning 31-13 in a turnover plagued outing where the Colts will still be searching for a playmaker on offense. I hope I’m wrong.


Mark Cuban knows marketing

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The Mavs have done it again.  First it was the Dirk remake of the Hump Day Geico commercial. Now this.

If you have kids then you have probably  seen the original version of What does a Fox Say.  Enjoy!


I don’t know if they will sell any more tickets with the video but it can’t hurt.

Tuesday evening links and notes

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Two days down and three to go.  I just got back from the WRFT No Tricks Just Treats at Franklin Central HS.  The event was only to be from 5-7 but as we were leaving the line was still out the door and halfway to the NBO.  All the kids did a great job and my 4 year old had a blast.  The only surprise was there was not a booth dedicated to the 1992 Golden Mic Award winner.  Kudos to Coach Rockey for putting mid-80’s uniforms on the basketball team.  There will be a day that the nut huggers come back right?


First off tonight new broke that James Blackmon Jr. is set to announce his college choice this Thursday evening on ESPNU.  This will take place at halftime of the Louisiana-Monroe – Troy football game so it should be around 9pm.  Looks like Blackmon is down to three schools, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky.  The buzz is saying the choice is Kentucky but I really would not be surprised with any of the three.  Blackmon is a pure shooter that will help any school he chooses.

I say a story today in the Boston Globe about their new coach Brad Stevens.  This is a great story and looks like Boston is getting to know something that Indianapolis and college basketball fans already knew.  I am really going to miss Stevens coaching the college game but this was a move he needed to make so he could be the next Kentucky coach when Cal retires in about 3 more titles.


You know what a fan I am of one Samantha Ponder.  Well she just took it up a notch.  Check out what her and Christian dressed up for Halloween.

Go Pacers!

Here are the Top 10 plays from last year.