The difference between IU and Louisville

Posted: October 8, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

As I was surfing tonight I saw this picture of values that Indiana University expects their student athletes.



Most of these things they should have learned from their parents and seems pretty juvenile but I don’t have any problem with the list and we stress most of these values in my own home.

OK, lets compare this to the list of Core Values the University of Louisville posted for its football team.



Are you kidding me?  So pretty much they just expect you not to commit a freaking felony.  The scary thing is nothing is made a rule unless it has been a problem.  What a joke!

IU might not make it out of the Sweet 16 and I will be the first one there to go…

…but at least they don’t have this disgraceful sign hanging in their training room.  So just as long as you don’t lie, beat your baby momma, smoke crack, steal a car while armed you are golden in the eyes of Charlie Strong.  Well I guess Michael Dyer has proven you really don’t have to follow these rules as long as you can run a 4.4 40.

Oh and then there is this from former Louisville guard Mike Marra.


I don’t even think Derek Elston would have done that if IU would have won it last year.



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