Bolts Light Up Colts

Posted: October 17, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


That was a disgusting performance Monday night by the Colts. Too bad coach Chuck Pagano did not save the mouse trap in the locker gimmick for that game instead of needlessly using it against the Jaguars. The Charger game turned out to be the trap game ahead of the triumphant return of Uncle Peyton. Yet another coaching miscue by the Colt sideline leader.

The Colts were out coached, out efforted, out executed, and generally out classed. Apparently becoming the team dujour for the first half of the season is not serving them well. It is difficult to be the front runner, and the Colts were smacked with a big dose of reality. Winning truly does hide lots of faults. I am guilty of overlooking the signs that there really are several areas of concern. None of these are to be surprises, and have been mentioned in this blog, here are those issues:

Pep Hamilton is still struggling to figure out what he wants to offense to be. Are they a power running team, or a light ’em up and throw the ball all over the field type if team because of its weapons? We still do not know.

DHB is serious hands problems. 90% of his job is to catch a ball thrown to him while playing a kid’s game and getting paid millions to do so. He cannot seem to figure that out. Renaldo ‘Skeets’ Neimeiah was also really fast and could not catch a cold. DHB also should have stuck to track and field.


Coby Fleener is a head case. He has the dropsies and you can tell he is thinking about every catch too much. He had a big play slip through his hands and the end of the first half which could have changed the complexion of the game.

Chuck Pagano makes questionable coaching moves. The two decisions to punt in the second half when the defense was struggling as mightily as they were turned out to be terrible calls. I am losing the little confidence I had in him.

The pass rush was disgraceful. Philip Rivers is not any good and has zero mobility. He should have been a sitting duck, but just kept picking up third and longs as the defense couldn’t get off the field.

There are too many whiffs, grazing blocks, and plays being put on skates from the offensive line. Luck got destroyed way too many times and should let Constanzo and company that their play is unacceptable. He is going to miss some time because he continues to take a beating.

LaRon Landry is Bob Sanders 2.0. Not by his play on the field, but the fact that he cannot stay on it. He is of no use in sweats and a ball cap, big guns or not.

If the Colts lose this Sunday which is likely, they will head into the break a 4-3. That is about where most people had them pegged. However, if you mentioned that he Colts would have beaten both the 49ers and the Seabags and they still were 4-3 you would have some concerns. Well, many of those concerned have not been eliminated.


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