Reds moves, Peyton’s here and Big Blue Madness

Posted: October 18, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

I can only think about Big Blue Madness really so lets start with a couple other topics.

1.  Who will be the next Reds Manager?



My money is on current pitching coach Brayn Price.  He will be in the price range and keep the continuity going with the pitching staff.

2.  Why again are the Colts honoring Peyton?



Is he retiring? Nope

Is he about to die?  Don’t think so

Hey I get it, you love him but guess what?  He doesn’t care that much about you.  He just wants to come to town and play football.  If I am the Broncos I just stay in the locker room until everyone is done crying.

3.  Will the Reds really trade Phillips?



I think they will and need to do something.  I think Brandon is a good player but this team needs to shake it up.  If they can clear some salary and improve the team then I am all for it.

4.  Big Blue Madness!!!!!!

I am so jealous of my cousins, Karla and Hannah, who are going tonight.  It is rumored that UK spent $400k on the show that will kick off the drive for banner #9.

We will see if the recruits in town like it.  I have a feeling they will.


  1. Phillips not being a Red would be like Peyton not being a Colt. I’ll always root for him no matter where he is at, unless its against my team.


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