You ask why?????

Posted: October 19, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized


This is why I love Cal.  This is why I love the Cayts.  This is why I love my team.

I know many of the BDS readers are IU, Purdue, ND and other fans but I get asked all the time how I could rally around Cal.   This is why.  He loves the players, the program and Kentucky with all it brings.  There is only one place that a coach can give a stump speech in front of 24,000 fans when there isn’t a game to follow.  Kentucky basketball is Notre Dame and Alabama football.

Keep hating but you have to admit college basketball is better when the top is better.  I love seeing when UNC, Kansas, Louisville and IU are among Kentucky at the top and college basketball is better for it.

I love the Reds and MLB, I love college football and the Bengals but to me there is nothing better than college basketball.  The Cats will be tested early and often and will probably will take some lumps but as the temperatures of autum drop into winter the promise of spring and March Madness is not too far down the road.  Lets enjoy the ride and in true BDS style talk some serious shit!

Enjoy because basketball is here and I love it!


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