Easy like Sunday Morning

Posted: October 20, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized



Yesterday was a day that separated the wheat from the chaff.  The following teams lost and removed themselves from BCS Title contention.


#11 South Carolina lost to Tennessee

#7 Texas A&M lost to Auburn

#9 UCLA lost to Stanford

#6 LSU lost to Ole Miss

If only the 4 team playoff could have been this year.  There is a really good chance that you could have four undefeated teams at years end.  Bama, Oregon, Florida St. and Ohio St.

A playoff between these four would be great but I still want an 8-team playoff where the higher seeded team hosts the first round game.  Here is what it would look like with the projected BCS standing ranking the teams.

1 Alabama   Florida St. 2
8 Miami (Fla)   Stanford 7
4 Ohio St.   Oregon 3
5 Missouri   Baylor 6

What would the over under on that Oregon – Baylor game be?  Now that would be a great tournament.




There has been a lot of talk in Cincy about the possibility of the Reds trading Brandon Phillips.  I am about the only one that wants this to happen.  I have always gotten the feeling that Phillips and Baker were two peas in a pod and where much of the clubhouse problem the Reds have.  Here is what Hall of Famer, Hal McCoy, had to say about the situation at hand.


Hey, did you guys know that Peyton is in town?


I hope it is a great game tonight and everyone has the kumbaya moment they want.  I still think Irsay is back on the meds and there are not many people running to his defense.  Here are some interesting quotes Tony Dungy had about the situation.

“Jim is making this personal,” Dungy said in a text message to ESPN. “I’m surprised.”

Dungy thinks Irsay was deliberately trying to provoke the highly competitive Manning.

“I think that’s what he’s trying to do,” Dungy told ESPN in a text message. “Have him make it such a big game he doesn’t perform well. I can’t figure any other reason to go this way.”

I thought these were interesting coming from a guy that stays away from controversy.








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