Once Favorite Son Returns for Blood

Posted: October 20, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


How did we get here Colt’s fans? It was easy to say goodbye to Mr. Manning when we all thought his arm was shot. He was a hit away from living a less than full post-football life. What was the risk even if it was hard to say adios to the face of the franchise for almost a decade an a half? Now we face what seems to be a quarterback who’s found the fountain of youth. He is on pace to shatter the season touchdown pass record, his team is undefeated and has looked unstoppable at times on offense.

Had we known then Manning still had this much game left, was it still the right call? In a few years I certainly will say yes, but right now Mr. Manning looks like the guy that came out of that ugly mess smelling like a rose. His Broncos will likely handily beat a banged up and outgunned team even with a future MVP under center. I am anxious and hope I do not boo too loudly against Manning, but now he is the opposition and as great as he was here, he still underachieved. Let’s just hope Manning plays like himself in the postseason, or that will be another tough pill to swallow for Colts Nation.

Prediction 48-13 Broncos



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