Peyton Proves You Can Never Go Home

Posted: October 21, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


The pregame ovation was cool. I even had chills as I watched our old leader give the Phil Michelson closed lipped head nod. Then, it was over. The overwhelming majority of Colts fans cheered loud and long (the game was an eternity) for their home town team. The Colts had just enough answers and then held on for dear life amid a 4th quarter flurry of haymakers by Peyton and the Broncos. It was a game that saw injury after injury which eventually will take its toll down the road including a season and possibly season ending injury to stalwart Reggie Wayne. Still the Colts had enough to win. Who’d have thought? Not me.


I still have no clue how to gauge this team. They are going to give me a grabber by the end of the year, but they are so exciting to watch, sans the Charger game, I love every minute of it.

Andrew Luck is packing an awful lot of highlights into a year and seven games. He is going to win us more titles, and is just so charismatic and thoughtful that you cannot help but root for him. make no mistake about it, this is now Luck’s franchise, let’s turn the page and give our support to our new leader.

A couple thoughts on the game:

Trent Richardson is broke. The jury is back and he looks like a guy whose legs were worn out in Alabama. No burst, no power, and now he cannot seem to hold onto the ball. Retire the power running game, Pep. This is not the PAC-10…or 12…or whatever.

DHB needs to step up in a large way. He will get plenty of passes coming his way, especially now the Reginald Wayne is done. Catch the freakin’ rock!

The secondary was really good. Vontae Davis And Darius Butler were beasts. They have serious testicular fortitude and challenge receivers and quarterbacks to beat them man to man. Antoine Bethea was beaten for two scores, but he supported the run and made several short yardage stops. LaRon Landry was a difference maker. His physical presence has been missing from this defense since Bob Sanders’ muscles kept coming off the bone, and he had to retire. With most of them healthy, it’s a group that is 180 degrees different from the Cover 2 let ’em catch it and make a tackle group of Dungy and Ron Meeks!

Andrew Luck is not always pretty. He too often makes errant throws, he takes too many unnecessary hits, but the kid is a fierce competitor who you want in your corner. He shamelessly and classily punked the guest of honor in front of the sports universe. Great game, #12!


Godspeed Reggie Wayne!


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