Reggie and Jimmy, we will miss you both

Posted: October 21, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Let’s start off with the news of the day.  Colt’s fans didn’t even have time to celebrate last nights big win when news confirming everyone’s worst fears about Reggie Wayne were confirmed.


OUT FOR THE YEAR.  Those words that no one whats to hear and it seems like there were a lot of players that heard them today.  Sam Bradford, Leon Hall, Doug Martin and Brian Cushing also had year enders yesterday.  BDS sure hopes that all make a speedy recovery because we sure want to see more of this.


The other big news that came out today was that Detroit Tiger manager, Jimmy Leyland, announced that he was stepping down as the Tiger skipper today.  He stated that he just didn’t have it in him any more to but I am guessing he wanted more time away from the game to catch up on his smoking.


I have always love Leyland and sure wish he would become the Reds next manager.  Maybe he would just be a bench coach so he could spend more time in the tunnel.  My favorite Leyland came when he about opened a can of whoop ass on Barry Bonds.  (WARNING:Not good for young ears)


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