Unity was the theme from the Reds today

Posted: October 22, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized


It was very obvious from the press conference today that the Reds front office doesn’t think they have a talent problem.  They feel they have an attitude problem.  The common theme today was unity.  The Owner, GM and new Coach all mentioned a need for the team to have a united focus.  Price stated that he is very honest and will do all that he can do to have players ready to play every day.  You get the sense that Walt and Bob were not on the same page as Dusty and didn’t agree how he ran the clubhouse.  The biggest sign of that was when Bryan Price was asked about moving Chapman out of the bullpen.

Bryan Price said in regards to Aroldis Chapman, “Pitchers get better by throwing more innings”.   Mr. Castilini was shaking his head in approval.  It was reported that Chapman was all set to start and was one of the best starters in Arizona when he went to Dusty and told him he wanted to close.  Dusty made the call to keep him in the pen.  Looks like Chappy will probably start and it looks like at least for one day the three figureheads of the Reds organization are all on the same page.

From all of the reports there were two major problems in the clubhouse.  1. Dusty Baker and 2. Brandon Philips.  Well one is gone and it looks like the other one is about to be shipped out also.

Only time will tell if the moves the Reds are making are good ones but Uncle Walt said, “we’ve got a lot of work to do”.   The off-season should be an interesting one so make sure you get that hot stove cleaned and ready to go.


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