We all knew the Reds were dysfunctional but this bad?

Posted: October 23, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

There was a lot we knew about the 2013 Cincinnati Reds.  We knew that they were a talented enough team to win 90 games and make the Wild Card Game.  We knew that they had a players manager in Dusty Baker that put the players interest before what the front office, namely Walt Jocketty, had envisioned.  Between myself and the 10 or so peeps I talk Reds baseball the most we had some ideas about his team.  We just didn’t know how close to the truth we were.

1.   Chapman is being wasted as a closer




Ok, I have to admit that Beck really disagrees with me on this one.  All I know is Jocketty doesn’t and it looks like Chapman will either be in the Reds starting rotation or traded.  I have never bought into the thinking that the 9th inning is more important than the 8 before it.  If you can have Chapman for 180 innings isn’t that better than having him only for 63.2 he pitched last year?  We all could not wait until Coco Cordero was shipped out of town but is Chapman any better?  Here is Chapman’s numbers from last year compared to Coco’s last year with the Reds.  Then take a look at who should have been the closer last year and his numbers when he was last closing at Kansas City.


ERA      WHIP       SAVES       WAR      
Chapman       63.2 2.54 1.037



Cordero 69.2 2.45 1.019



Broxton 35.2 2.27 1.402 23


I really think you will see a pitcher be traded this off-season and that pitcher will be Mike Leake.  Here is what I think the Reds rotation will look like next year.

Latos, Cueto, Bailey, Chapman and Cingrani.  That looks real good to me, how about you?


2.   If Votto is not going to be a power hitter he should be in the 2 hole


I said all year that Votto should be in the 2 hole.  He would be the best 2 hole hitter in all of baseball.  The thing is we are all wrapped up in what Joey is making and that includes Dusty.  Here is what Jocketty had to say on WLW.

“He (Joey Votto) has to fit better into the role we see for him, or he might have to hit in a different spot in the order….. that’s something Bryan will certainly approach Joey with, and something we will discuss. There are certain things he has to do.”

The thing is Joey is such a good hitter that if he wanted to hit 10 more home runs and not worry so much about his average he could.  Joey wants to be the best hitter in baseball and I get the sense that he thinks that is more doubles than home runs.  I am fine with that if he was in the 2 hole.  I am guessing that Dusty didn’t want to hurt feelings by moving Joey from the 3 hole and in turn hurt the team.

There is much more.  I’m not even getting into Leaks statements about how disjointed the clubhouse was this past year.  Just know that Uncle Walt is pissed and ready to take over this team.  I like it and am looking forward to this off-season.






  1. Wally Patrick says:

    Offering a different perspective after looking back on the season and not really researching the numbers…this team faired pretty well. I know the expectations were high and I am among those that were often critical of Dusty. I think he is a great regular season coach. His win total supports that fact. However, it’s about postseason success which Dusty has never really had. Very similar to the Colts during the Manning era, which is more of a reflection on how Polian structured the team and their lack of postseason success. I can offer this for the Reds this past year:

    1. The loss of Rolen. By this I mean the loss of a veteran, a professional, and someone who led by example and delivered in the clutch.

    2. The loss of Ludwick, Broxton, and Marshall. Ludwick’s injury opening day forced them to bat out of order the entire year. Phillips has no business being in the 4 hole. Problem is, no one else in the lineup does either. If you have a 4 hitter, your issue with Votto is moot because you have Choo and Phillips in front of him and power behind him. Never had that all year and it wore on Votto and Phillips late in the year…they both looked tired and uncomfortable. In regard to Chapman’s numbers, see injuries to Broxton and Marshall. They could very much have “protected” Chapman. In regard to him being a starter, I’ve never ever understood that argument. The guy throws 100 mph. He has still yet to develop a strong go to pitch beyond his fastball which MLB hitters eventually catch up to as evidenced this year. You say the 9th isn’t as valuable as the first 8…ask the Yankees if they feel that way with one of the all-time greatest closers in Rivera. Chapman could be that good. Their bullpen has been stronger than their starting rotation every year but this one. Seems they blew too many games late, which wasn’t always the fault of the pitcher (I.e. coach’s decisions)

    3. Bruce and Frazier. I realize both are young and still developing. They offer a lot on the defensive side of the ball but the averages have to get better. Advice for Bruce this offseason…learn how to go to left. You add 20 pts. To your BA because all 9 defensive players are on the right side of 2nd base!

    4. Identity…who are you? We’re not a power team but we’re also not a hit-for-average team. Nothing has frustrated me more with this team over the last few years than their inability to figure out their hitting approach. Guys want to hit for power but don’t swing until they’re down in the count. And in that situation when they should be shortening their swing to make contact they’re taking full cuts. If you look at the great teams every year, they have a few players at or above .300. Not the Reds. They have more guys hitting closer to my BAC on a Friday night. So…if your going to be an average hitting team, get dominate pitching. Not happening. Do they get occasionally spectacular performances? Yes. But with the bullpen injuries this year and Cuetos injury was the pitching staff dominant? No. So are you committed to being a team built around getting on base? A team built around power? A team built on pitching? Pick one or two and run with it but don’t be average in all 3 phases.

    5. Be gamers. I hate to say it but I don’t see gamers. I don’t see guys who are willing to do the little things or lay it all on the line. I don’t see the teams I hate but respect….the Patriots, the Cardinals, etc. I realize I’m complaining about a team that has had a ton of regular season success over the last few years, but as Ricky Bobby so eloquently said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” So therefore I’m allowed to question what this team is and what it wants to be


  2. Danny Wicw says:

    Chapman has two pitches. He survives on gas. So unless you think he’s going to throw 7 innings at 103 MPH, starting him is foolish. In 2012 he was shut down with arm fatigue at 70 innings. So leaping to the logic he can pitch 180 innings, again foolish. After years of FAKE closers, Graves, Weathers, Cordero,,,,Cincy finally has a legit closer. So people want to screw around with him. His only problem is that he is under utilized. Yes, please trade him instead of ruining with a trip to the DL. Additionally, do you really want to thrust a clown like Broxton to the closer’s role? We would be back to FAKE closer.

    The role of the #2 hitter is to work deep into the count, be able to hit well with two strikes and hit behind the runner. BEHIND the runner! I want a RH hitter in that slot who can do that.

    Choo and Votto reached base over 600 times. Most of that time they sandwiched a light bat jammed in the two hole by Baker. The #2 hole is very important and takes a special skill set. You want to make the second baseman shade the middle (RH Batter). And if you are going to ground out, make the second baseman make the play going to his left. You want a base hit, but at bare minimum, make a productive out. I don’t like Joey Votto in that role. Votto was RARELY pulling the ball in 2013.


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