Bye Week Musings

Posted: October 26, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


The bye week is I’m sure great for all players, coaches and front office personnel. However, it stinks for fans that now have no good reason to winterize the lawn, rake leaves, hack back the overgrown trees or shrubs, or perform a multitude of other neglected household or landscape tasks that have taken a backseat to the Colts. The Colts will need the time to rest up, figure out what to do about the void at receiver, and let the rest of the league beat each other up. This post will list what I’m concerned about or have contemplated recently:

I feel like the Colts, although at 5-2 with huge victories over the Seahawks, 49ers and Broncos are still just holding everything together by a string. How many big plays is Luck under immediate and immense pressure, he makes a quick move to avoid a rusher, or gets rid of the ball at the moment he is getting blasted by a defender? How many shots has Luck taken when he tucks and runs? How many near picks has he thrown? The Colts live on the edge and good fortune has been theirs more than it has not season to date. If the ball bounces the other way (on the kickoff fumble by Trendon Holliday, or the Mathis sack of Manning) things can turn around quickly for the Colts.

Trent Richardson’s typical stat line is 14 carries for 38 yards. I get that he is in during run down and distances, and especially with Pep Hamilton’s jumbo packages where defenses counter with 9 guys in the box. Still, the Colts spent a fist rounder on this guy. A pick that could have been used on a much needed high caliber Reggie Wayne replacement. Start producing or at least change the way he is being used, Pep.

Jarrell Freeman, Vontae Davis, Corey Redding, Robert Mathis, and LaRon Landry in limited time are all playing pretty well. Pat Angerer, Eric Waldon, Greg Toler, Antoine Bethea have all made some plays, but have made high profile mistakes, and Aretha Franklin and Fili Moala get blocked and stay blocked. Bjorne Werner aka Hans Gruber gets an incomplete.

I am sick of Tony Dungy. He is always giving his two cents about the Colts, but he is too far removed from this team to have any useful inside knowledge. Dungy has been critical of Colts owner Jim Irsay of late and sided with Peyton during the Irsay Manning feud. This is also the man that hand picked his successor as head coach, Jim Caldwell. Thanks for that, Tony!

The way the rest if the division is shaping up, the Colts look to have a good chance to take a stranglehold atop the AFC South. Splits with Houston and Tennessee, another win at home against the Jags and two more wins against the Cardinals, Bengals, Chiefs or Rams will get the Colts to 10 wins. That ought to get it done. Once in the tournament, you just have to get hot!

Now get to work!


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