Random Thoughts by Jack Handey

Posted: October 28, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

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  • Did anyone realize that the NHL season is a month old?  I like hockey and all but who knew?
  • Speaking of leagues that regular seasons mean nothing, did you know that the NBA season starts tomorrow?  Ok, someone other than Renfro.  I thought the NBA season opened on Christmas Day.


  • Does anyone else think it’s weird that Brad Stevens is not the coach of Butler any more?  I heard him talking about his point guard that other day and he was talking about Rajon Rondo.
  • By the way, sorry to all you haters but Kentucky is going to be real good this year.  Real good.
  • Did you see the next 4 team college basketball event?  You already have the Duke, Michigan State, Kentucky and Kansas in the Champions Classic.  Looks like Kentucky, Ohio State, UCLA and North Carolina will start another event.  Man, UK has really struggled to find quality opponents since IU is not on the schedule anymore.
  • Sometimes when I poop, it hurts.


  • So, was Dez Bryant’s mom a prostitute or not?  Sure would explain a few things.


  • After the last two games if tonights World Series game does not end on a balk I am going to be disappointed.
  • Who else knew that Jamaal Tinsley’s nickname at Rucker Park was Mel Mel the Abuser?  No really?
  • What is a scarier halloween costume, Purdue coed or Zombie?




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