What do the Pacers, Greyhounds and Hoosiers have in common?

Posted: October 31, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized



Let’s just start with saying I am glad that trick or treating has been postponed for much of Indiana and Kentucky.  I didn’t want to be out in this weather, my kids did not want be out in this weather and neither does anyone else with half a brain.  With that said, let’s move on.



James Blackmon Jr. is announcing his college decision this evening on ESPNU.  He will be on at halftime of the college football game at approximately 9pm.  If you would have asked anyone last week they would have told you Kentucky was the choice with Michigan as the fall back.  Today was one of those days that if you are not on twitter you are missing a lot.  News started spreading and spreading fast that Blackmon was down to Kentucky and Indiana and that it was 50/50.  Many of the recruiting experts are leaning IU know and BDS writer, Nick Dalton, is saying if Blackmon goes to Bloomington that Jaquan Lyles is likely to follow.  Stay tuned and click on the Twitter link to get up to the minute updates.




Did you see that Paul George is becoming a ticket broker?  Well not really but he did buy up all the remaining tickets for his Alma Mater’s, Fresno State, home opener and is giving away the tickets.  Just another reason showing how lucky Indianapolis is to have George in the fold.  He is shaping up to be the type of player that could bring fans back to the field house to stay.



Steve Czaban does a piece on his morning show where they discuss small college football.  Guess who was on it?  The Greyhounds of U of I and Rose Hulman.  Here is the sound clip.


We will have more tonight.  Don’t forget to check back later for the Blackmon update.




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