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Tommy Rees’s Twitter Greatest Hits

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Here is what the much maligned Notre Dame quarterback will find if he chooses to check his twitter account tonight.

Bailey is cute enough but just not the biggest Rees fan.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.36.23 PM

Mr. Obvious chimes in here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.44.09 PM

Paul does have a good lesson about not cheating.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.47.03 PM

This guy has a job lead for Tommy.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.49.52 PM

And now my favorite.  Short, sweet and to the point.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 10.52.24 PM


we will not tell Ryan it is you are or you’re.


This is why we love college football

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The day has not ended yet but today could have been the best day for college football in the past 50 years.  With the National Championship game hanging in the balance all day long we saw some of the best games ever.  Let’s start in Ann Arbor.

First there was the great pitch and catch to pull Michigan within one point of Ohio State.



Were there were down by one with 30 seconds on the clock.  Do you just kick the extra point and go to overtime?

Taylor Lewan, on the 2-point attempt, “Coach Hoke asked us seniors, do you want to go for it, we all said yes.”

I said it at the time and still think that he made a bad decision.  I thought Michigan had all the momentum, the crowd and was moving the ball.  Take the point and play some more.  They didn’t and this happened.




Then we move to the Iron Bowl.  #1 Alabama and #4 Auburn.  In my mind the best rivalry in college football.  The winner of this game for the past four years has gone on to win the National Championship.  That stat alone is amazing to me and I might not stop this year.  If you didn’t watch game it was one of the most entertaining games I had seen in a long time that lived up to all the hype.

Auburn did the unthinkable by driving the length of the field on the best defense in the country and capped it off with this great play.


Then it looked like Alabama was happy to run out the clock when on what seemed to be the last play of the 4th quarter they broke a long run that put them at the Auburn 40 yard line.



After further review the officials correctly put one second back on the clock.  I turned to my brother-in-law and said there is no way I would try to kick this thing after the blocked kicks earlier in the game.  I thought there was a much better chance of not only a throw into the end zone being completed than the field goal but the worse case scenario was much less.  Then we got this.



It is days like today that makes me not want a football playoff.  If there was a playoff this year your final four would probably be Florida St., Ohio St., Auburn and Alabama.  The thing is Florida St. and Ohio St. still needs to win next weekend.  If both team lose we could see an Iron bowl rematch that will make everyone outside of the SEC pull their hear out but if they can even come close to what we saw today I want more.

The only way the ending of that game could have been better is if Chris Davis would have swooped up Katherine Webb



and ran to the locker room up the tunnel ala Bo Jackson.  What a day and there is more tonight.  Plus we all can be excited that tonight is Tommy Rees’s last regular season game.  Kinda makes me want the Irish to turn down a bowl game so we can just turn the page.


That escalated quickly

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This just happened in Ann Arbor.



Two Ohio St. starters were ejected and Michigan lost a back up linebacker.

Then Marcus Hall told the 100,000 fans that he is #1, twice, on his way out.



Nothing gets your point across quite like the good ole double bird.


Last week the University of Louisville investigated Kevin Ware and cleared him of all wrong doing in record time.  This week The Louisville department of Nothing to See Here were at it again.  Chane Behanan’s 2012 Final Four ring was placed on an auction site and once again in record time (Holiday included) the University of Louisville set Chief Wigham to clean up the mess.

If you have ever worked around, been friends with or just known a liar you know that their soul purpose in life is to say and do whatever will get them through today with no care or sense of the future.  Kinda like making a One Day Contract with yourself you could say.


Don’t drink and be a Bears fan

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I can watch this for hours and it doesn’t get old.  Something tells me that Walter Payton would have been able to avoid the pole.

And we let these people vote…SMH

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So we as an American society go from a day of Thanksgiving to a day of Blackness.  I give you Black Friday 2013 (Warning – Adult Language)



Sure gives you that warm a fuzzy feeling doesn’t it.



Happy Thanksgiving news and notes

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Today is the last Thursday in the month of November and in the United States that makes it Thanksgiving.  It was not always on his date and or even on the same date across the county.  President Lincoln Lincoln proclaimed the date to be the final Thursday in November in an attempt to foster a sense of American unity between the Northern and Southern states.  Because of the ongoing Civil War and the Confederate States of America’s refusal to recognize Lincoln’s authority, a nationwide Thanksgiving date was not realized until Reconstruction was completed in the 1870s.  In 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the date to the 4th Thursday of the month in a moved that moved the holiday further from Christmas in hopes of giving the economy a boost.  Here is to enjoying your Thanksgiving day with friends and family and hoping there is more than toast and popcorn on the table.


Do you remember where you were on Thanksgiving four years ago?  Tiger Woods does.  Here is a blow by blow account from the New York Post of how it all unfolded.  As of that day Tiger had won 14 major championships and was well on his way to making a run at Jack’s record of 18.  Since then Tiger has come up empty in the 16 majors.  The once feared and admired golfer has turned in a cheater and punchline.  Kinda makes you want to stop eating at Perkins.



The NBA keeps playing and the Pacers keep winning.  The boys in Blue and Gold are the only one loss team in the NBA and are doing it in very convincing fashion.  Next up are the Wizards at home Friday night.

I hope everyone has a great day and enjoys dinner as much as Big Baby Davis enjoys his.  Macaroni!