Two jinx worlds colliding

Posted: November 2, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Many look at the Notre Dame – Navy game and think blowout.  Many remember that the Irish won 43 straight games in the series.  Well when I look at this game I can only thing of one thing.  What will happen when the two biggest jinx I know attend this game?  BDS contributors, Eric and Beck, will both be at the game today.  Between the two of them they have seen more bad losses in South Bend than Lee Corso has puts on heads.  Between them they have seen the following…

The Tulsa loss


Navy ’07 & ’09


USC ’05 – The Bush Push


Boston College ’93

You get the picture.  Hell if it wasn’t for Beck leaving the Pitt game at halftime to go watch the game on TV alone in the parking lot the filed goal would have surely bounced in and Irish would have lost.  All I am saying is you should pay attention today.  Something really bad is bound to happen.


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