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By know everyone has probably heard about Indianapolis Tech’s big man, Trey Lyles’ commitment to play next year at the University of Kentucky.  Since then some news has come out about the Lyles family.  Some funny, some bad and some that is just plain awesome!

Lets get the bad out of the way.  Yesterday Trey’s mom was interviewed and talked about the treatment that she and her family had received after her son’s de-commitment from Indiana.

Ok, let me say this, it does not matter who you are a fan of.  It does not matter if you think that a kid is making a mistake or not.  You are the lowest form of asshole alive when you go to Twitter, Facebook, or any other form of social media to blast a kid and or their family.  This is not an IU problem or a Kentucky problem or any other schools problem.  It is a booger eating moron problem.  Every fan base has these people and unfortunately the bottom 10% is a reflection on the entire fan base.  If you see this going on, if you have a friend doing it or you are about to do it yourself for the love of God STOP IT!  This goes to the fans that also yell obscene things at family members when they are attending a game.  Just stop, if you see this going on then stop it or at least find someone big enough to stop it.  

Now that we got that ugly mess out of the way let’s get to the good stuff.  Turns out that Trey Lyles has a since of humor and knows how to build suspense for a story.  Trey had people close to him putting out feelers shortly before his announcement that he had changed his mind and was heading to Louisville.  Recruiting experts, Evan Daniels and Brian Snow, picked up on this and started tweeting that they thought Lyles was heading to Louisville.  Hell, I even texted my brother, big Louisville fan, about the word spreading on Twitter and was starting to get worried myself.  Multiple reports were saying today that the Louisville coaching staff felt very good about Lyles coming to play for the Cards right up to the time he announced.  At one point in time before the announcement Trey was sitting at a bank of mics (not sure if the family knew they were hot) and said something to his dad.  Here is a clip from this mornings KSR show giving BDS a plug and talking about Trey’s comments.  

Ok, now the awesome.  KSR writer, Brennan English @BrennanKSR, sent out a tweet alerting the Big Blue Nation that Trey’s dad had a R&B album and one of the track was titled, 4 the Sex of it.  Well of course he does.  I had to find out more.  He actually put out at least three albums that I could find and here are the album covers.

tlyles3   tlyles    tlyles2

One album, Lyfe,luv & Sex has soulful classics like Pardy and N-timate. 

Another album, Trapped gives us timeless songs like War-the-city. 

But my favorite album, 4the Sex of It has 11 unforgettable tracks.

  1. 4the Sex of It
  2. Tyme
  3. Games People Play
  4. Cum
  5. Down
  6. Life N the 90’s
  7. Mind Ur Own Damn Bizz
  8. Pumpin the P….
  9. Strip Down
  10. H.i.v
  11. Serious Sex

I think there might a general theme.  Here are the Album notes…

T.Lyles is an artist with his own sound and is not afraid to put out there what life is all about. T has spent alot of time finding the best way 2bring real life to his music,with his 1997 release of “4the sex of it” he has found just that way to tell the story of ever day life.With the feel good age of WoodStock, the funk of the 70’s,and partying of the 80’s This work of art is just straight to the point and as raw as it comes,4THE SEX OF IT contains Explicit content and Nudity. So parents beware!! The Party has begun.

You already knew that I downloaded a couple of the songs.  Enjoy!

4the Sex of It

Mind Ur Own Damn Bizz

So this got me thinking, I can’t be the only Kentucky fan out there today that has purchased Mr. Lyles’ music.  Is this a violation of some kind?  Was there a secret agenda from the Lyles family to commit to Coach Cal and the Big Blue Nation just to get them to download the sweet sultry sounds?  It made me think about the time Ole’ Tex bought all of Johnny Walkers grandfathers fishing lures in attempt to get the All-American quarterback to play ball for them.  (that was real, right?)

Either way I want to give a big shout out to the Lyles family.  Even if Trey ends up to be the next Rashaad Carruth, we will still have Strip Down, H.i.v and Serious Sex.





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