Thursday night notes

Posted: November 7, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Lets start off with the hottest team in the NBA and the hot topic here in Indy.  The Indiana Pacers


The Pacers are the NBA equivalent of NFL week 1 into the season so let’s not get too excited but I think it is safe to say this.  The Pacers have a team that can win a NBA championship.  Will they?  Who knows but can they?  Yes!

A friend of mine, IU fan, posted the following video on Facebook today and since all the Hoosier fans have been whining that there have not been enough IU basketball coverage on the site (Nick D, where are you????) here you go.  The video is very well done and makes me want college basketball to start right now.


Speaking of college basketball, the big news today came when Duke, Michigan St., Kansas and Kentucky announced that they are renewing the Champions Classic and next year the event that kicks off the college season will be held in Indianapolis.  I assume that since the Final Four will be in Lucas Oil next year that the games will also be placed there.  The venue has not been announced but I will be surprised if it is in the Fieldhouse.  Last year the Final Four and Champions Classic was held in the Georgia Dome and could see the same formula be used next year.  So IU fans I ask you, how does it make you feel to have such a big event in your backyard and not be apart of it?  I would think that you would want to be involved in such events but I have been wrong before.


Speaking of schedules the topic that will not seem to die is popping it’s head up again.  Will Indiana and Kentucky play each other anytime soon?  I really think it is this simple.  UK only wants to have two home and home opponents on its schedule and would rather have those opponents be in state rival Louisville and North Carolina.  IU continues to want to only play a home and home so there you have the impasse.  The UK Deputy AD, DeWayne Peevy, was on KSR today and had this to say about the matter.


Alright, let’s end with something that I think we all can agree is pretty damn great.




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