Colts Lay Another Egg vs. Rams

Posted: November 11, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


The warning signs were there. Sooner or later the Colts were going let a slow start catch up with them. Game in and game out the Colts are uninterested or incapable during the first half of ball games to execute. This time the failures were non discriminating. Every phase of the game was equally putrid. Jim Mora expertly and famously summed up the Colt’s play, except the Colts were brutal the entire game.

Just how bad were they, let my count the ways:

The offensive line opened up holes for no one except for Rams defenders. Missing a block on a pass play is bad enough, but Hugh Thornton, who is in a battle to be the worst lineman on a terrible group of lineman, even whiffed on a run block. Outside of 34 CYO football, how is that even possible. He made up for his poor run blocking by being even worst in pass protection. He is going to get Andrew Luck killed. Can we make a call to Howard Mudd and see what he is doing, because that group desperately needs to be coached up? Samson Satelle gets bull rushed, Mike McGlynn broke his thumb which brought in multiuntalented utility lineman Jeff Linkenbach in the game. Even the strength of the group, the tackles struggled. Tony Costanzo got whipped on the opening drive which yielded a strip sack and touchdown return. It could only have been worse if Luck got hurt, but that will occur if another crap performance is turned in by this cast of characters.

The receivers couldn’t get open, catch the ball and or stay on their feet. When Luck had time, no one had any separation too often. DHB dropped a first down pass on third down that hit him between the 8 and 1. Budding star T.Y. Hilton fell down in the open field that likely was a score. The drive ended with an interception.

Speaking of interceptions, Andrew Luck did not bring his A game. No one wants to even hear any criticism of him because of his track record of come from behind wins, but let’s face it. The dude can improve his accuracy, and like Ben Roethlisburger, he holds onto the ball too long. However, unlike se of his teammates, Luck can and should improve his play.

Vontae Davis must have been preparing for Vince Faragamo because he got whupped again. Only this was not Andre Johnson but Tayvon Austin. We all know the Trent Richardson trade was a miss, but another bad game for Vontae may make me think his trade for a second rounder was also a Grigson error. Vontae is in a contract year, if he keeps playing this way, he will have cost himself millions and we will not have a horseshoe on his helmet next year.

The special teams is bad. Blocked FGs and punts. Long returns about every game, and a return game that makes Joe Legefed look like Devin Hester. That group seems to fire its coach every other year. The excuse was always, “Well Peyton makes too much money to have any quality depth.” What’s the excuse now?

Ultimately, this game should be nothing more than motivation and proof to the team that this can happen if the Colts do not prepare and execute on game day. I thought that is what the lesson from Charger game. This should not have happened again. Still, all is not lost. The division is terrible, so the Colts are still in the cat bird seat. They still have to bring it though, if you cannot count on beating the Rams at home with a backup QB, who can you count on beating?


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