Colts-Titans Rd. 1 Preview

Posted: November 14, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


This is the game that could slam the door on the rest of the AFC South having a shot at winning the division. The Colts currently sit up 2 games on the Titans. A win tonight would give the Colts a commanding 3 game lead with 6 to playing including 3 remaining division games all at home.

The Colts are coming off their worst game since the Curtis Painter era and desperately need for their confidence a good showing. All the fears and weaknesses of the team were exposed last week against the Rams. The only benefit to that beat down was that now the Colts know they have to bring their best the entire game in all 3 phases to have a chance to win. All the the concerns from last week remain. The O line stinks. The running game stinks. The special teams stinks. The run defense stinks. Now we have to throw in there, the pass coverage stinks, and the quarterback doesn’t stink, but certainly needs to play better. Not a good feeling heading into a game.

Still the Colts face a back up QB. If they don’t turn the ball over have any special teams disasters, they should be in the game. I think they will be in the game and it will come down to the last half of the 4th quarter.

Prediction. Colts lose 17-16 as Adam Vinitieri misses a game winning field goal. He’s due to miss. Low scoring due to not having any playmakers on offense and Luck being timid after the 4 turnover game.


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