Fast cars and movie talk with KSR

Posted: November 18, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Lets start with the news that came out of Louisville today.  Everyone’s favorite college basketball player, Kevin Ware, has been getting around on that bum leg of his just fine.  So fine that he was recently ticketed for going 95 in a 45 on a stretch of I-65 that was under construction.



To make matters worse the Cardinal hero failed to show to his court appearance this morning.  Here is a copy of his citation courtesy



WHAS approached Cardinals coach Rick Pitino with this information Monday. Here is what Slick Rick had to say.

“I was not aware and that is his business. That has nothing to do with basketball. Parking tickets, speeding tickets, I don’t encourage getting either one and I’ll talk to him about it. It’s the first of my knowledge of it. Why he missed the date I have no idea. I’m not concerned. I’m concerned about … obviously, I don’t want anybody speeding, I don’t want anybody getting parking tickets, I don’t want anyone losing their lunch pass. I’m sure you’re concerned about it, I’m not. He shouldn’t be speeding, first of all, but that’s something he has to address and if he gets his license suspended, he’s going to do a lot of walking.”

Why do we even ask what he thinks about these things?  Why would we expect Rick to be able to teach any kid responsibility when he skirts his.  Hell Rick probably regrets not having Kevin Ware drive Karen Sypher to the Cincy clinic to buy that health insurance.  I bet Kevin would have at least been smart enough not to marry that whore.


Today Backdoor Slider started a conversation on KSR with Matt and Ryan on classic TV and movie comedies.  Here is the audio.

This got me thinking about what my favorite comedies are.  Here are my top five movies and they all hold up.

#5   Caddyshack


#4   Slap Shot


#3   Airplane!


#2   Animal House


#1   Bad News Bears






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