Sunday morning notes

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And then there were three

The Baylor Bears when into Stillwater last night and were totally dominated leaving only three undefeated teams left in college football.  Here are the remaining schedules for the three teams left.

Alabama – @Auburn and SEC championship game (Missouri)

Florida St. – @ Florida and ACC championship game (Duke)

Ohio St. – @ Michigan and Big Ten championship game (Michigan St.)


Mr. Tripple Double



The Pacers are 12-1, a record only matched by San Antonio.  I don’t want to rain on any Pacer parade but is anyone out there worried that this team is just one Lance Stevenson meltdown away from being the 2004-05 Pacers?  I have always said that football teams can take a chance with a knucklehead or two when they are surrounded by a solid core.  But with basketball the team is so small and she one of your key guys flips it could turn the whole thing upside down.


AFC Playoff Picture

The top seed in the AFC will come down to Denver and KC but the two seed is a three team race between the Colts, New England and Cincinnati.  The Bengals are off this week while the Colts and New England have tough games today.  With the Bengals already beating New England this season it looks like the Dec 5th Colts @ Bengals game will be a big one if teams can take care of business these next two weeks.



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