Colts Hit Reset on Expectations

Posted: November 26, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


The real Colts resemble the squad that was dismantled Sunday in the desert by the Cardinals more than the group that somehow managed to beat the Seahawks, 49ers and Broncos. It may be a revelation for some, kind of like when you figured out that (SPOILER ALERT!) Bruce Willis is dead the whole movie in the 6th Sense.


Ah ha!!! Now I see. The Colts are really just a bad team and have been all along. The near miss against the Raiders, the out of their ass wins against the Texans and Titans and Seahawks. Think of the Dolphins, Chargers and Rams games. Those were so hard to watch, but I forced myself to watch til the end. I started to notice the difficulty even putting up points against teams that were in prevent. They looked like a JV team outmatched in every aspect of several games and portions of games they eventually won. A few things are becoming evident and need to be further examined:

Ryan Grigson is overrated and may be a fraud. His failure in this draft, his free agent signings and trades (Vontae Davis and TRich) have all been utter disasters. Wasting so much of Irsay’s money with such little return on that investment I’m sure does not sit well with the boss. Grigson needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat to get back in Irsay’s good graces.

The power running game is a joke. There were serious doubts about this plan posted on this blog and elsewhere. The results are in and as mentioned before, power running games went away when Tom Rathman retired from the 49ers. Offenses have evolved into QB centric systems that highlight their strengths. Our QB has plenty of gifts, how about calling a game to maximize those skills? Let’s pull the plug on the power running game, Pep.

Antoine Bethea needs to be let out to pasture. I like the guy, and he tries as hard as anyone. He has been one of the few dependable players to stay on the field for the Colts, but let’s not mistake effort for achievement. His pass coverage has been horrendous, getting beat over the top multiple times this year, and his run support is not much better. I know lots of Colts fans, myself included hated the Cover 2. Obviously that soft react first defense kept the safeties deep and rarely gave up the big play. Fans were willing to give up a few plays if it meant more aggressive play at corner and possibly forced turnovers from more pressure from blitzing defenders. Only the negative part has come to fruition. No one is applying pressure making interceptions or even getting off the field on 3rd and longs. It’s an abomination and #41 has plenty of responsibility in this house of horrors.

Andrew Luck is in a Sophomore Slump. All of his stats are down from a year ago. His accuracy is getting worse. He takes too many hits, and he has some blame in the slow starts the Colts have perfected over the last 4 game being out scored by almost 80 points in the first half of those contests. I would rather have no one else calling plays for this team. He is so poised and elusive in making the best with what he has at his disposable, he just has to be better. He would tell you that.

Ultimately if the Colts are able to beat the Titans, they will almost lockup the division and host a playoff game. That is about all the further everyone thought this team would go heading into the season. Expectations are a funny thing. After the marquis victories the Colts have on their resume, most thought 2013 was Super Bowl or Bust. Let’s be realistic, the Colts are ahead of schedule in their rebuild. If Grigson can get back to improving the team the Colts will be legitimate title contenders in a few years. Any advancement beyond wildcard weekend is gravy. Now hit that reset button!



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