Colts-Titans the Rematch

Posted: December 1, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized

The Colts face the Tennessee Titans this afternoon at Lucas Oil Stadium in a matchup of flawed football teams that at its end, will determine which also ran will represent the AFC South in the playoffs. It’s not a sexy matchup by any means.
The Colts are coming off being throttled by 29 in the dessert. The Titans managed to extend their season by rallying late against the Raiders. Two weeks ago the Titans let the Colts steal a game in Nashville by fumbling a kickoff and getting away from running Chris Johnson. Don’t look for that to happen today.

Chris Johnson will run early and often setting up the play action and possibly some big plays against the suddenly suspect Colts secondary.

On offense, God only knows what to expect out of the Colts. Besides Luck’s running on broken plays, there really aren’t any aspects of that group that is reliable. Run blocking, pass blocking, short yardage, running inside, running outside, passing short, intermediate, and deep, passing accuracy, catching the ball, getting open…it all has been horrible to very horrible.

Likely the game will come down to turnovers. The Colts also have that no multiple loss steak going for them in the Luck era. And the Colts playing at home should, although it did not work out in the Rams game, be an advantage for the Horseshoes.

Prediction. It could go either way. The Titans have some mojo from last week’s rally and are still playing for their season. The Colts still control their own destiny even if they lose. Still the Colts were humiliated twice this past month and do not want to be on the receiving end of the owner’s rants on Twitter for the world to read. Still humiliation does not result in playing well. just ask Purdue who were humiliated time and again this season. The Titans are more desperate so I am going with them. 31-23




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