Colts Hold Off Titans

Posted: December 3, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


Never before in the history of the NFL has an 8-4 team been so maligned. The Colts bested the Titans 22-14 all but wrapping up the AFC South. The Colts magic number for clinching the division is down to one with four to play. Yet, no one is feeling any better about this team or its weaknesses after surrendering five sacks, failing to establish a running game until the final drive, not throwing with much accuracy, or consistently catching the rock when delivered on target.

The glass half full folks will argue the Colts are ahead of schedule, the injuries can’t be overcome, the resume includes several signature victories, blah, blah, blah.


Realists on the other hand, can see question marks on the talent evaluating skills of Ryan Grigson, a dramatic drop in production by Andrew luck from a year ago, poor coaching from the OC and HC, and fewer resources (draft picks) to address deficiencies at WR, OG, S, LB, DT, and CB.

All I know is this team is capped out on what it can do. The Reggie Wayne injury was the final straw that sealed the fate of the offense. With only one viable option in T.Y. Hilton, defenses can double him and dare the scavengers and scrubs to beat them. DHB, LaVon Brazille, and the cleverly named Da’Rick (is it DUH rick, or DERR ick, or DEE rick?) Rogers are all flawed and lack consistency. What it amounts to is a punchless team that has to rely on turnovers or mistakes by the other team to be competitive. Good luck with that winning strategy. Unfortunately, there will be another beatdown against the Bengals, a double digit loss at KC, and a wild card round exodus that will further expose this team. Then, tough decisions will have to be made to see what direction to take the Colts in 2014. Fall in, it’s over. These guys are done. Stay healthy, play out the string, and file away the feelings of these embarrassing losses for another time.

Go Pacers!



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