I want one of these!

Posted: December 5, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized



What is this?  Let me just say that if the NBA or any other league started giving these out 20 years ago I would be able to wall paper the garage.

Let’s just think about different ways I could have collected one of these beauties over the years.  (Yes, I have done these or witnessed one of my jackass friends doing it.)

  • Kicked an empty glass beer bottle that was smuggled into the game.  Hit every stair on its way down.  Didn’t help that we were underage.
  • Turn around and deliver a double bird to the entire section and tell them all how much they suck ass for telling me to sit down during a playoff game.
  • Started the following chant, The Knicks, the Knicks, the Knicks suck my d*#k.
  • After drinking 50 beers in 100 degree heat start lecturing the bachelorette party and bride to be sitting in front of us about how marriage was for suckers and then thinking out very loud about how ugly the bridesmaids were.
  • Almost came to blows with some guy whose wife refused to stand and could not see because we were standing like the rest of the people in front of us.  (Yes, I like to stand during big games.  If you want to sit on your ass then stay home!)
  • Yell Brownsburg sucks no stop for the two innings that Drew Storen pitched.

I could go one but you get the picture.  Like I said, I could have a nice big stack of those warnings.


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