Colts-Bengals Preview

Posted: December 8, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


Unlike previous Colts games against the Rams and the Cardinals that appeared to be competitive on paper that resulted in routes against the Colts, today’s game in a frigid and hostile environment against the Benglas looks to be a mismatch. The Bengals have a championship quality defense and talent offensively to put up enough points to make a deep playoff run. Their defensive line and linebackers are built to attack and shutdown offensives. They give up little especially at home and are quite adept at getting off the field on third down. The elements will certainly play in the Bengal’s favor. Andrew Luck is a Houston kid that played on California in college. He has NEVER played a game in the snow or cold weather that will grip the Queen City this afternoon.

The Colts continue to battle injuries and will be even less capable on the offensive line as Jeff Linkenbach sits with a neck injury. That will push college basketball player Joe Reitz into action against these animals on defense. How bad must Reitz stink if he can’t get on the field this year? DHB will likely sit as well after being an utter distaster the last, well for his entire career really. Da’Rick Rogers will have to cut his teeth against the best D in the NFL. Here is a tip, figure out the hot read and look for the ball early. Luck will be under constant duress. The Colts will try and fail to establish the run early. Those plays will be blown up and a huge early deficient should once again force the Colts into passing 40+ times.

Prediction. PAIN. The Colts have a way to play up to the competition, things may be closer than you might think. Provided the Colts can hang onto the ball, and the Defensive can at least force some third and longs, I am going to pick the Colts to lose in a low scoring affair, one possession game. 17-9 Bengals.



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