This team is getting hard to root for

Posted: December 10, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized


Going into tonight’s game versus undefeated Boise State the Kentucky Wildcats are a team in desperate need to turn their ship around.  A team that is coming off of a demoralizing loss against Baylor in what seemed to be a home game with all the blue in Cowboy’s stadium.

So the Cats are getting ready to play a Boise State team that is getting votes in all the poles.  A team that beat them out for a place in last years NCAA tournament.  What is the most experienced player on the team worried about?  His freaking hair!  This is what Willie Cauley-Stein was doing today.



I’m not even going into how God awful it looks because frankly who cares.  One would think though a player that flat out quit on his coach and teammates in the second half last Friday night would be a little more worried about redeeming himself.  This is the same player that is shooting 51.5% from the free throw line.  Probably could have skipped the barber and shot a few from the charity stripe today instead of whatever that is.

This team is a team without a leader.  This is a team whose leader can not be a coach or a player that does not play like Jarrod Polson.  If this team is going to have any chance to make a run to a Final Four then someone is going to have to step up and hold people accountable.

This is not a one and done thing.  It isn’t a Freshman thing.  This is a I take this seriously and understand the chance I have thing.  I know they are young.  I expect losses, I expect turnovers and hell I even expect them not to always play 40 minutes.  What I want to see are players that love to play and love to win.  That I can cheer for.  Will they always win?  No, and I will be proud of them when they lose if I see them competing.

The college basketball recruiting world is starting to catch up with Coach Cal. He has not been able to get whoever he wants these past few years.  Other than Nerlens Noel there is not one player in the last two years that shows the ability to lead men.  Can Julius Randle be that guy, of course he can, but will he be?  If this team is going to go any where then he has to be.

I have watched this team play nine games this year and have not once seen them huddle together like Cal’s first three teams huddled together.


I don’t think this team has the heart to reach their goals.  I don’t think this team will be lucky to win two of its next four games versus Boise, North Carolina, Belmont and Louisville.  And until they prove me wrong it looks like I will have to hang my sports hat on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Wow, never thought I would say that.


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