IU and Purdue fans lacking, Kentucky’s not quite right fan base and other random thoughts

Posted: December 13, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

We have a big weekend in the world of college basketball and a few great tidbits so I just combined them all here for you.  Enjoy!

First off the NCAA released the logo for the 2015 Final Four that will be held in Indianapolis.  Here it is.


I’m a bit disappointed, they didn’t tie in the hosting city like they usually do and appears they just mailed it in to me.  What do you think?

The Crossroads Classic is back for another round of games this weekend in downtown Indianapolis.  The two games on tap are Indiana vs Notre Dame and Purdue vs Butler.  My question is does anyone give a shit?  I have not heard one person in casual conversation talking about the games let alone going to them.  For a state that claims to be the cradle of basketball you would think there would be more buzz about these games.  For Indiana this is the last chance to beat a potential tournament team before heading into Big 10 play and for the Irish a chance to get their season back on track.  The other game is also big for Purdue whom is still trying to prove they are not slipping down the pecking order in state and Butler wants to showcase that they are still the same team without Brad Stephens.  Both are very important since the two schools go head to head against each other on the recruiting trail.

I just checked Ticket Master and there are still great seats available.  There is no way in hell if Kentucky and Louisville was playing say Western Kentucky and Moorehead St. in the Yum Center there would still be tickets available the day before the event.  Crazy.

Speaking of lacking attendance and crazy fan bases, a very passionate and sometimes misguided Kentucky fan named Chester called into Kentucky Sports Radio yesterday and delivered this gem about why the UK student attendance has been low so far this year.

WOW!  My favorite line has to be, “So maybe your gifted, you can write a paper and read books real fast.”

What you have right there is what makes Kentucky the best and worst fan bases all at once.  Hey this is the same fan base that gave us all this.

The big game of the weekend has to been when Kentucky travels to North Carolina this Saturday evening.  This rivalry took one year off last year to enable UK to alternate this annual home and home series with the Louisville series.  This match up has lead to a lot of great moments but non more greater than this one.

Now Tayshaun Prince is one of my least favorite players worth a crap at Kentucky.  He never played defense and pouted every chance he got.  This is a very unpopular opinion in Kentucky as we found out today on KSR.

Come on, the only time in Tayshaun’s life he ever played one lick of defense was this play that will haunt Pacer fans for a long time.



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