Colts-Texans: Who Cares?

Posted: December 15, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


There is nothing to play for with these two teams today. Just the Colts and Texans playing out the 2013 string. The Texans are losers (I could stop the sentence there) of 11 straight however are usually competitive, but somehow manage to make the key mistakes to ensure a loss. Interceptions, penalties, mini strokes, if you can dream it up, it has happened to the Texans.

The Colts backed into the AFC South crown last week when Peyton Manning beat the Titans. Whew hoo!, schedule a parade through Indy. No one should ever celebrate when a title comes after a loss. Unless of course you are Tom Crean.

Still at least for the offense the loss last week was a moral victory. There is hope that Da’Rick Rogers and Lavon Brazill could actually make a few plays and take the pressure of Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton. Trent Richardson even made some plays in the passing game as a check down option, albeit it was in garbage time. Let’s see if it can continue against a front 7 that has given the MASH unit line of the Colts fits. Don’t count on any production.

The defensive side of the ball was a disaster last week against the Bengals allowing 5 TDs in 5 attempts in the redzone. Vontae Davis was also beaten for his league leading 8 TD for a cornerback. That trade is looking worse by the game, Mr. Grigson. Can anyone beside Robert Mathis show any consistency on defense? Again, don’t count on it.

With nothing to play for and two teams that should be in experiment mode, it ought to be the anti-masterpiece. Looks for lots of missed assignments, penalties, turnovers, special teams gaffes, etc.

Prediction. Because I have to pick a winner, I guess I will bet the streak and take the Colts. 24-23 Colts


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