Irish wins, Cats win and Rees is gone! Great Day!

Posted: December 28, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized

A slow week in sports really got going today with the end of the Tommy Rees era at Notre Dame and Kentucky’s win over Louisville in the Battle of the Bluegrass.

Lets start with the Irish and the news of a new Defensive Coordinator in South Bend.  BDS writer Eric Schoettle first reported that the Irish will be naming NYJ linebacker coach, Brian VanGorder, as the next DC for Notre Dame.



Now if you ask me the guy looks kinda creepy but all that aside he has quite a resume.

Title Team Years
Linebackers Coach New York Jets 2013
Defensive Coordinator Auburn Tigers 2012
Defensive Coordinator Atlanta Falcons 2008 – 2011
Linebackers Coach Atlanta Falcons 2007
Head Coach Georgia Southern Eagles 2006
Linebackers Coach Jacksonville Jaguars 2005
Defensive Coordinator Georgia Bulldogs 2001 – 2004
Defensive Coordinator Western Illinois Leathernecks 2000
Defensive Coordinator Central Michigan Chippewas 1998 – 1999
Defensive Coordinator UCF Knights 1997
Linebackers Coach UCF Knights 1996
Defensive Coordinator UCF Knights 1996
Linebackers Coach UCF Knights 1994 – 1995
Head Coach Wayne State Warriors 1992 – 1994
Linebacker Wayne State Warriors 1979 – 1980

Now that I think about it he kinda looks like Uncle Rico to me.



Hey, that guy can throw a football.  Hope he can stop the pass too.


The Irish today sorta played against Rutgers in Yankee Stadium.  The team looked like there were a lot of other places they would rather be and outlasted the Scarlett Knights to secure the win.  It was really cool to see them play in NYC but I hope they are not playing in that bowl game again for quite a while.  Oh, did I mention the best part?  This guy is done being the Irish quarterback.




The other big story today around the BDS compound was the annual match up between Kentucky and the Dirty Birds of Louisville.  The young Wildcats really grew up today beating Louisville with Julius Randle on the bench the whole 2nd half with cramps.  Makes me wonder if he was having them all week like Chaz?



Well anyway, after Randle led the team with 17 first half points.  The twins and James Young took over in the 2nd half to led Kentucky to the win and set the world right again.  Hey Rick, how do you feel about being 1-5 against Calipari in the UK vs. UofL match up?



Before the game the intro video was very cool.  Take a look.


So there you have it.  Uncle Rico is heading to South Bend while Rees is packing his bags.  Randle has cramps and Pitino is having Kevin Ware drive the team back to Louisville so he can get to 4th St. Live before all the whores are spoken for.






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