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Posted: December 28, 2013 by nickd0913 in Uncategorized

One thing I like about the end of every year are year end lists.  I have been a sucker for lists ever since I was a kid.   I don’t really know why since none of the lists are really official or mean anything but that does not change my love of them.  As you can imagine most of the lists I like concern music, so with that in mind I am going to put together a few different lists to end the year as a gift to all of the loyal BDS readers.  My first list will be my favorite songs of the year. It was a great year for music and there were a lot of really good songs released but these are the 5 that I thought were the best of the best.


5. Most People – Dawes

BDS reader James Hall will tell you that you should not pay any attention to Dawes but he would be wrong and if you listen to James you will be missing out on a really good band.  Dawes put out their 3rd record, “Stories Don’t End”,  this year and this song was easily my favorite song on the record.  On a side note I saw this band live last year and they closed their show with a great version of the Peter Gabriel classic “In Your Eyes”.


4. Holly Williams – Drinking

She put out one of my favorite albums this year.  I heard this song and immediately bought the album without hearing one other song.  This is the kind of country music that should be getting played on the radio.  If you are wondering if she is related to Hank Williams the answer is yes, she is his granddaughter.  Check out this cool version of the song recorded in some radio station.


3. Steve Earle – Invisible

I have loved Steve Earle since I heard “Guitar Town” for the 1st time back in the 80s and that has never changed.  He consistently puts out great albums and is great live.  I think he is one of the best songwriters of the last 25 years.  He put out another great album this year and this song is fantastic.  The fiddle/pedal steel solo at the 2:45 mark of this video might be the best 40 seconds of any song I have heard in along time.


2. Will Hoge – Home is Where the Heart Breaks

Lyrically this is the best song written by someone not named Jason Isbell in 2013.  Combine that with music that sounds like something off a mid 80s John Mellencamp record and you have the recipe for one of the best songs of this year or any other year for that matter.  Unfortunately this song was released the same year as the guy in the #1 spot.


1. Jason Isbell – Cover Me Up

You knew this guy would have the my #1 spot the minute you started reading this story.  I actually could have filled the entire top 5 with songs off of “Southeastern”.  Every once in a while an album comes along that instantly becomes part of your “soundtrack”.  It does not happen very often but when it does it is pretty special.  This album is one of those rare animals for me.  This is the 1st song I heard on the album and it hooked me instantly.  Enjoy this live performance from his upcoming appearance on Austin City Limits.








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