Playing for seeds

Posted: December 29, 2013 by jmklee in Uncategorized



As all the Colts fans get ready for the game don’t forget to check in on what is going on down I-74.  If the Bengals lose and the Colts win then the Colts will have the 3 seed in next weeks playoffs with a chance for the 2 seed and the first round bye.

Now if the Bengals can win at home (something they have done every time this year 7-0) then the Colts hopes for the 2 seed are over but if with a New England loss still could be the 3 seed.

How about that, if Cincy and Indy win and New England loses they drop from the 2 spot to the 4 spot.

I am of course rooting for Cincinnati to take care of business but the Bengals are without both starting Tight Ends today.  Should be a fun day!


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