Season Finale: Colts-Jags

Posted: December 29, 2013 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


The Colts will put a bow on the 2013 regular season after today’s matchup at home against divisional foe and recently not so embarrassing Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts have clinched the AFC South crown, but are currently in the 4th seed of six playoff spots in the conference. With lots of luck could move as high as the 2nd seed, but would need lots of help. More than likely, the Colts will again face the Chiefs next week at home.

Because there is technically something to play for, the Colts unlike teams of the past will play starters and play to win the game. The Jaguars have won 4 of 7 after losing their first 8. The divisional opponent has historically played the Colts well even in Indy, they beat the Colts last year, and are dangerous. After some of the eggs laid by the Colts, their really are no gimmes on the schedule, so you never really know. Still, the Colts, barring a disastrous turnover fest should have enough to beat the Jags.

Prediction 24-16 Colts



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