Where have all the Colts fans gone?

Posted: January 3, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized


There has been a lot of talk this week about tickets and blackouts and the many reasons why. I have been saying all week I believe it is money driven and the tickets are just too expensive this time of year for people to get off their wallets but I noticed something today.
Today is BLUE FRIDAY but no one cares. There is only one person in my office building that has on a Colts shirt or sweatshirt on. I have not heard one person talk about the actual game yet today, the only talk is whether they will sell out of not. The women of the office, you know the ones that all own a pick Collie or Manning jersey, don’t even know that there is a game this weekend.
Is it a fact that Indianapolis was a Manning town and not truly a Colts town? I have had two people tell me this week if the Colts win and play the Broncos next week they might be rooting for Denver so Peyton will have a chance to win his 2nd Super Bowl. What??? I just don’t get that. OK, I loved Boomer Esiason. I named my dog after him but I would have never, ever, rooted for him and the Jets to beat my Bengals if they would have met in the Playoffs. Once again, I just don’t get it.
I understand that we all know someone that has a kid named Peyton, girls and boys. I understand that he constantly gave back to the community. I understand that he has great commercials but I still don’t get Colts fans. I look out at my parking lot and do not see one Colts flag on cars. Five years ago those stupid things were everywhere. There is not one blue and white cupcake to be found and not one uninformed Colt fan telling me why the Colts are the best team ever. Being a Bengals fan I have never participated in Blue Friday but this year no one noticed. I just blend in with the crowd.
So why is it Colt’s fans? Why isn’t the city embracing this playoff team like they have in years past?


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