Wildcard Weekend: Colts-Chiefs

Posted: January 4, 2014 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


Finally. The NFL postseason after 17 roller coaster weeks taking its fans on an emotional adventure where you are one moment convinced your team can make it to the Super Bowl, and in the next, you know for a fact your team needs a fork stuck in them. Colt’s Nation have jumped on and off the bandwagon more times this year than any time since 2006. After reviewing the results of each week who could blame them so such schizophrenic behavior? I for one was ready to be all in before the Charger game, bailed, hopped back on after Denver, was off again after the Rams, Cardinal, and Bengal debacles, and was back on after the Chiefs game.

The fact is, the 2013 Colts are an overachieving team that because of taking care of the ball, not having many penalties, and having Andrew Luck and Robert Mathis have the ability to beat anyone. Conversely, it is also the same team that was throttled at home by the St. Louis Lambs, by 30 no less, and was totally outmatched by the Cardinals and Bengals.

So what can we expect against the Chiefs? Who the heck knows? The two teams are fairly evenly matched and the winner of the turnover battle will likely win the game. I think turnover margin is the most telling stat in the playoffs. Also, over the last 15 years a playoff game that was a rematch of a game from the last two weeks of the regular season, the team that lost the regular season game, won the rematch 8 of 11 times. So the Colts have that working against them, which isn’t nice.

Andy Reid will scheme the heck out of the Colts. His record after bye weeks is something like 12-1. He will know how to attack these Colts. The Colts gameplan will be, just do what we do, and they will get shutdown.

Again, barring a huge TO differential the game will be a one possession game with the team with the ball last winning. I’ll take the Chiefs on a come from behind Alex Smith game winning drive.

27-23 Chiefs

As far as the tickets not selling out, that is just a function of the NFL needing a two game commitment when at the time the Colts were playing like idiots. That is why I elected to forego playoff tickets and I heard many of the folks in my section say the same thing. Other posts I have read said Colts fans have flown the coup and are on to other interests, like the Pacers and IU hoops. I disagree. Our Blue Friday at work had a high level of participation. There was even a stupid Andy Dalton and a retro Corey Dillon jersey. The Colts have made the playoffs 13 of 15 years. This is not a team that is expected to challenge to a title this year. Cut the fan base some slack for not being blinders. If they were, the haters would complain that the Colt’s fan are delusional. You can’t win with haters.



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