27 crazy women want the news of the day

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If you were like me then last night you watched one of the best things on TV last night instead of the first half of the BCS title game.  The Bachelor is TV gold.  Anytime you get 27 emotionally unstable women together, put them on TV and make them compete for a man they just met is something that demands your attention.

Speaking of the BCS title game.



Much to the glee of Eric and the rest of the SEC hating world Florida St. stopped the run of SEC champions.  Since you already know I didn’t see hardly any of the game I will not try to break it down but I wonder if the new four team playoff will help or hurt the SEC and their dominance.  I think the new format will hurt the SEC.  I really don’t see the committee willing to put more that one SEC school in the playoff and wanting to reward conference champions.  I really think this will lead to want I feel will be the best way to determine a champion.  An eight team playoff.  In my world this would include the 5 conference champions from the ACC, SEC, Big10, Big12, Pac12 and three wild card teams.  Giving the top seeded conference champions a first round home game.  We shall see.

Notre Dame has the best team in the state.



According to the KenPom.com rankings, the best of the stat nerd rankings, Notre Dame is the best team in the state of Indiana but only come in at #54.  Here is where the others come in.

#54   Notre Dame

#59   Indiana State

#61   Butler

#63   Indiana

#89   Purdue

Will this be the year that no team from the state makes the NCAA tournament?  There is a lot of basketball to be played but it sure looks possible.  This was bound to happen with the lack of great coaches in the state.  With Brad Stevens gone at Butler there is not one coach left in the state that is a Hall of Fame type coach.  I am sure Michigan St, Ohio St, Louisville and Kentucky coaches and fans don’t mind.

Speaking of surrounding schools.

The Big10 is proving to be very good this year.  arguably being the best and deepest league in college basketball this year.  Here is where KenPom has the rest of the conference in the top 50.

#1   Ohio St.

#4   Wisconsin

#6   Michigan St.

#11 Iowa

#20 Michigan

#40 Minnesota

#43 Illinois

Getting cabin fever and running out of things to watch on TV?

While being snowed most of the gals running the BDS compound have spent time watching complete seasons of Gossip Girl while I was able to wrestle one of them away to watch all six Star Wars movies between power outages and the above mentioned Bachelor.  If you are like us you are probably looking forward to something new to keep yourself from going Jack Torrance on the family.



Well the crew here is ready for everyone’s favorite liars to be back and tonight the wait is finally over.  If you have never heard of the show I think you should turn over to ABCFamily this evening at 8pm just to see your families reaction. I actually love the show myself but would have never know about it if it wasn’t for my daughters.  Just imagine if 90210 had a mash up show with Murder She Wrote and that is PLL.

One last note

I really hope Louisville hires back Bobby Petrino.



Making fun of the Louisville was starting to get boring.  There is only so much fun you can poke at a school who harbors criminals, supports the marriage of whores and their health insurance needs, berates those who question their “core values” and has the classiest fan base of all.  I almost think Jurich sits around and thinks of new ways to sell his soul.  Hiring back Petrino will top them all and continue to give BDS reason to keep pointing out how ridiculous Louisville sports are.




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