Which of these hires will be the biggest mistake?

Posted: January 10, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized

Three major new hires have been announced the past few days and all three leave me scratching my head.  Here they are.

Bobby Petrino – Louisville Head Coach


I covered what I thought about this one a couple of nights ago and from the national reaction I am not the only one that thinks Louisville is morally bankrupt and has become a national punchline.

James Franklin – Penn State Head Coach


At first glance many people will say this is a great hire.  Anyone that can take the Vanderbilt program and turn them into a winning team will kill it at a program like Penn State but then there is this.  While Franklin was at Vandy five of his players were dismissed from the team for their involvement in a, get this, rape of a female student.  Four of the players were charged with rape and sexual assault and the other pleaded guilty to covering up the crime.

Now Franklin was cleared of any wrong doing but you would think that Penn State would want to steer clear of any rape talk at all.  It is like the university was trying to be part of Hedley Lamarr’s ruthless gang.


Lane Kiffin – Alabama OC



That’s right Lane, there is still a school out there that is willing to pay you.  Hey, I’m just as surprised as you are.  Now every empire in the history of the world has had their decline and we might be seeing the start of Alabama’s.  If there is anything or anyone that can topple the Crimson Tide it is Lane Kiffin.  Everyone in the SEC has the champagne on ice just waiting for that contract to be signed.

Well only time will tell if these hires end up being the complete disasters I predict they will be.  Which one do you think will be the biggest mistake?



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