Colts-Patsies Divisional Playoff Round

Posted: January 11, 2014 by amschoettle in Uncategorized


The Colts are riding a wave of momentum the carried the horseshoes to yet an improbable and sensational victory last week against the Kansas City Chiefs in the WildCard round. Will it continue today in Foxboro against the 2 seeded Patriots? Don’t count on it.

I have very painful memories if thinking the Colts of yesteryear with a hot offense would take advantage of a banged up Patriot team in the playoffs. Those hopes were dashed when Coach Bellichick dialed up all kinds of defensive schemes to shut down the Colts. The same will occur today in horrible rainy, windy conditions that the Patriots have already played in multiple times this season.

When the Patriots have the ball, look for a ground and pound attack. When the Colts have to commit more defenders in the box, Brady will torch the secondary of the Colts like many teams before have done against the Colts.

I hate this matchup, and I see another lopsided loss.

56-12 Patriots.



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