To rush, or not to rush? That is the question.

Posted: January 14, 2014 by jmklee in Uncategorized



Tonight Indiana hosted the highly ranked Wisconsin Badgers.  Tonight the Hoosiers beat the Badgers and tonight the students rushed the court, again.

In its self it is a very simple act of exuberance and unbridled joy but one that brings a strong difference of opinion.

On one hand you have the “old school” of thought that says Indiana is a top 5 basketball school and no matter who you beat you should never charge the court.  This school of thought includes myself and other grumpy old men like…

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.24.17 PM


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.25.28 PM


The other side of the argument is the school of thought that a win is a win and if it leads to a storming then who cares like the opinion of BDS writer and IU fan Nick D.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.30.05 PM


To me it comes down to expectations.  I expect my team (Kentucky) to win, especially at home, no matter who they are playing.  I know that IU has had a few down years but you are still Indiana, right?  Indiana was the #1 ranked team at one point last year right?

When UK was on probation, Death Penalty, and beat Shaquille’s and Chris Jackson’s (sorry Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf but your momma called you Chris so I’m gonna call you Chris) #1 ranked LSU team the wildcat fans didn’t rush the court and should not have.  When was the last time you saw North Carolina, Duke, Louisville or Kansas rush the court?  When was the last time Notre Dame, Alabama, USC or Oklahoma stormed the field in football at home?

Now if the IU football team beat Wisconsin then go nuts.  Tear down the F’ing goal post for all I care.  I am all for Kentucky’s football fans rushing the field after first downs for the love of God but not in Rupp.

I am not sure why I have to be the one to defend Indiana’s basketball history but for some reason IU fans are ready to sell out their heritage as a basketball power just so they don’t say anything bad about the program.  Sweet Jesus, you are Indiana basketball act like it.

What would Bob Knight have to say if the fans rushed the court after they beat the Badgers?  I have a feeling it would go something like this.



  1. Art Schliester says:

    Go figure Kentucky is the only state that has a problem with this! I think the real reason Kentucky fans don’t rush the floor is due to the uncertainty of which players our theirs.


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