Johnny Cash, Tiny Desks, Horses, Americans, and Guilty Pleasures

Posted: January 21, 2014 by nickd0913 in Uncategorized

There are some cool things going on in music right now that have my attention and as usual if they have my attention then they should also have your attention.  Check out a few of the things I have been getting into lately.

Hard Working Americans

Hard Working Americans is the new band fronted by singer/songwriter Todd Snider.  You might know Snider from his song “Beer Run”.  If that is the only song you know from Snider you are missing out.  He is the John Prine of this generation.  Anyway he put together a band including Neal Casel  (Ryan Adams, Chris Robinson) on guitar, Dave Schools (Widespread Panic) on bass, Duane Trucks (King Lincoln) on drums, and  Chad Staehly (Great American Taxi) on keyboards.  They recorded an album called “Hard Working Americans” that is loaded with cover songs from some of Snider’s favorite songwriters.  The album came out today and the results are pretty damn good.  If you are looking for some new music you can find this album for a cool $5.99 on Amazon right now.


Tiny Desk Concert

If you have not checked this out on YouTube you really should.  NPR invites bands into their office to record a short acoustic concert behind a tiny desk and the results are really cool.  They have had everyone from Patty Griffin, to Adele, to Wilco, and many more bands record shows for them.  It is a great way to see bands in a really intimate setting.   Check out one of my favorite Tiny Desk Concerts from The Decemberists with the help of Sara Watkins on fiddle and back up vocals.


Band of Horses

I started listening to this band when I heard their fantastic 2007 album “Cease To Begin” and have liked them ever since.  They put on a really good live show and they have continued to make quality albums since “Cease To Begin”.  They have a live acoustic album coming out next month that I am pretty excited about.  It is called “Acoustic at the Ryman”.  It was recorded over two nights in April of 2013.  If you have never been to the Ryman it is one of the best places ever to see a concert.  The acoustics are incredible and the atmosphere is second to none.  If you are into making bucket lists, seeing a concert at The Ryman should be on it.  Anyway I am looking forward to this album and here is a taste of what you will hear on it next month.


Johnny Cash

Did you know Johnny Cash has a new album coming out in March?  Even though he has been dead for years a new batch of recordings from the mid 80’s was recently discovered by his son.  The 80’s were not the best of times for Cash.  He had been dropped by his long time record label Columbia Records and he had not yet had his career resurrected by Rick Rubin.  It was a period when Nashville sort of forgot about Cash which is hard to imagine these days. The album is called “Out Among The Stars” and one of the songs from the album, “She Used to Love Me A Lot”, has already been released.  It is pretty classic Johnny Cash and his voice still sounds strong and great.  I am anxious to hear the rest of the record especially the duet with Waylon Jennings.


Guilty Pleasure

One again I am not proud of this but I cannot get this song out of my head.  I have no excuse and will not try and explain it, so just turn up this jam and enjoy it.  You might want to request this the next time you are at the skating rink.







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